Shining Stars | L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

A Lipstick Love Affair

Guys, I have to admit to something. I’ve been a bad blogger. Since the moment I first tried the new L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine lipsticks I have been obsessed. They are what I wear every single day, I talk about them all the time, I constantly recommend them and yet I completely spaced and forgot to put together an actual review. SUCH. A. BAD. BLOGGER. 

Well, today is the day. I am finally sharing ALL of my thoughts and a detailed review of the lipsticks that turned this matte lip girl into a glossy balm lover. 

Shine Statistics

The L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine Lipsticks ($12.99 CAD/$9.99 USD) are the newest additions to the Colour Riche family and they may be my favourite of the bunch. 

These stunning crystal clear, cut glass tubes hold an entirely unique wax-free formula infused with glossy natural oils that give the most delicious feel and finish. 

These lipsticks are a hybrid between a balm and a traditional lipstick with a formula that aims to nourish, smooth, plump and give shine but the colour payoff of a sheer lipstick. They glide on like butter and melt into the lips instantly with their ultra lightweight texture. They truly feel like nothing on and you will forget you are wearing them as they become one with your lips. The balm-like formula moisturizes deep down acting as a lip treatment of sorts while it smooths the surface of the lips and leaves a gorgeous glossy shine. They are ridiculously comfortable and have no scent, unlike many other L’Oreal lipsticks, so they are ideal for those with sensitivities. 

The aspect that makes these lipsticks so vastly different from any other “tinted lip balm” or “sheer lipstick” is the rich pigmentation and glass-like finish. The melty balm consistency has no effect on the vibrancy of the shades and absolutely no compromise on colour payoff. 

There are 12 beautiful shades (16 in the US) that cover the entire rainbow from nudes, peaches, and pinks to red, plums and corals. They all have beautiful, rich pigmentation with a slight translucency that makes them ideal for a soft flush of colour. The glossy sheen enhances the colour and makes your lips looks plump, healthy and radiant. 

The colour will wear for about 4 hours with the sheen fading slightly a bit earlier but they blend away so flawlessly that you won’t even notice. 

The shades are – 900 Glossy Fawn, 904 Varnished Rosewood, 908 Sparkling Rosè, 910 Shining Peache, 914 Glazed Pink, 916 Luminous Coral, 918 Polished Tango, 920 Lacquered Strawberry, 922 Laminated Fuchsia, 924 Enamel Red, 926 Glassy Garnet and 928 Gleaming Plum

I cannot possibly express how much I love these lipsticks. Not only are they stunning, they feel amazing, they are effortless, perfect for applying throughout the day, worry free, and a nourishing treatment all in one. 

They are absolute perfection and even if you are not a lover of sheer, glossy lips you might just turn into one when you give these a try. 


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