Fresh, Freckled & Flawless | Finding Confidence & Freedom Through New Charlotte Tilbury Products

Hiding Behind The Makeup

For as long as I can remember, I have always searched for the fullest coverage makeup on the market. From day one of my makeup obsession I have believed that I needed to cover up as much of my natural complexion as I possibly could, because well who would want to see my red, freckled face?

Everyday, I layered on foundation, concealer, powder, more powder, and so on. I thought I loved it, I thought I needed it but really all I was doing was hiding behind the makeup. 

Hiding who I really was, who God designed me to be.

That alone threw me for a whirlwind and caused me to have a good long look at my heart and who I wanted to be. 

The answer was clear – I wanted to be the daughter I was created to be. I wanted to be an open book, relatable, approachable, understandable and most of all realistic. I wanted to look like me! 

And that includes all of my “imperfections”, insecurities, discolourations, scars and especially my freckles. 

Changing My Priorities

Once I came to this realization, I knew I needed to radically renovate my everyday makeup routine and the products that I relied on. I said goodbye (at least for now since I’m a hoarder) to the super full coverage, heavy weight contenders and made space for some new light weight, light coverage, show some skin options. 

I searched around and collected a ton of recommendations but I decided to go straight to the girl I knew would have exactly what I was looking for – Charlotte Tilbury

The Queen Of You But Better

Charlotte Tilbury is an iconic makeup artist who is know for her ability to transform any woman into a confident, badass beauty all by simply enhancing the natural radiance that she already possessed. She is known for glowy skin, gentle contours, a natural flush and a sultry eye or lip. All of which she pairs with a slightly perfected but entirely natural complexion. She never aims to alter a woman’s true appearance or camouflage what she should embrace but she just adds a touch of glamour and effortless beauty. 

I had been exploring her range of products for over a year by diving into her lipsticks (which are incredible), playing with an eyeshadow quad (which is stunning) and falling head over heels for her powder (which is out of this world). 

If her Airbrush Flawless Filter Finishing Powder was anything to go by, I already knew that her complexion products were going to be amazing so I bit the bullet and placed an order for 3 of her best rated products. 

Little did I know that these products were going to help break open the doors to freedom and embracing my true self. 

The first product I chose was an absolute game changer. The Hollywood Flawless Filter Complexion Booster ($50 CAD) is everything I have ever wanted from makeup and more in one bottle. 

It is “a customizable complexion booster with the versatility of a primer, the mega-watt glow of a highlighter, and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter. Ingredients help to soft-focus, illuminate skin and makes lines and pores appear smoother”. 

Inspired by the red carpet, this multitasking prep product glides on and melts right into the skin filling all of my pores, smoothing all of the bumps and lines, hydrating all of the dry patches and leaving me with a blurred out, super glowy glass-like skin effect. 

Charlotte says the HFF has – 

• Smoothing airbrush polymers roll over your complexion for a poreless-looking, creamy finish.

• Glossy Oil is a lightweight moisturising oil that reflects and adds light to your face where you need it.

• Finely milled powders soft focus, makes lines and pores appear smoother which means it only ever looks as amazing in real life, as it does on camera.

• Porcelain Flower Extract is a brightening ingredient derived from a Thai flower with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to enhance microcirculation and brighten skin.

• Ideal for superstar-lit skin whether you want a subtle glow or a mega-watt complexion.


I love that I can wear it alone with just a touch of concealer and I can feel 100% confident knowing that the texture of my skin and the redness is slightly hidden but I still look like me. However, I also LOVE that I can use it as the first step in my routine and whatever I put on top of it will only look even more amazing. 

I also decided to test out her Hollywood Beauty Light Wand and Hollywood Contour Wand to help bring my favourite part of makeup (highlight & contour) into this lighter, brighter, glowier new world. 

The Hollywood Beauty Light Wand ($50 CAD) is essentially a liquid highlight in a tube with a sponge like applicator. It is absolutely stunning (probably one of the most beautiful highlights EVER) and the light rosy champagne shade blends into my skin with ease (it’s seriously a dream to blend) and becomes one with my complexion. It is not too dark for my fair skin but I can also see it working on the deepest of skin tones as it would pull more to the rose gold side. 

Charlotte says the BLW has- 

• Treated pearls boost brightening & highlighting to give a luminous complexion with a soft-focused finish, with light reflecting particles for a natural glow.

• Oleogel gives a high gloss, bright, highlighted effect with no visible glitters so it looks as good in daylight as it does in HD!

• Rose gold pigments mimic the soft, natural hue of the beauty light whilst the silver light reflectors intensify the result for a flawless finish

• Easy cushion applicator is a soft cushion pad that dispenses product evenly onto cheekbones, making it super blendable and easy to use.

The Hollywood Contour Wand in Light to Medium ($50 CAD) makes contour, specifically cream contour so incredibly easy. It is the dream formula for blend ability and pigmentation. It is super lightweight and it absolutely melts into the skin. You can build it up to as intense as you wish but it gives you gorgeous sculpted cheekbones in one layer. 

Charlotte says the HCW has – 

• Easy, brand-new-to-market cushion applicator to dispense product evenly, with blendable formula

• Treated pigments with good adherence & colour uniformity create shadows & define features for a natural finish

• Siloxanes create lightweight & dry feel upon application for easy blending

The Transformative Power Of Makeup

Switching up my beauty routine and including these products was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The effortless elegance of super glow, just slightly perfected skin really helped me see myself in a new light. I now can’t imagine covering up the little marks and spots that make me – me. 

I have never felt so confident and comfortable in my own skin. I can now show off the endless map of freckles and the strange mark above my lip without any hesitancy. 

I feel like a million bucks and I feel like ME!




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