Bright Eyed Babe | 5 Steps to Reviving Dull, Tired, Darkened, Eyes | Self Care & Skin Care

Bright Eyed Babe | 5 Steps to Reviving Dull, Tired, Darkened, Eyes | Self Care & Skin Care |

Hey Beauties! 

Life has been a whirlwind lately! Plenty of early mornings, long days at the shop, late nights working til the wee morning, and all of the fun that is summer adds up to one tired girl! 

I know some people can run on little to no sleep but not this girl. I need a full 8 hours and some quiet time to recharge or it will show on my face. The dark circles start to form, the rims of my eyes turn red and you can literally see the lack of sleep in my eyes. 

So I had to come up with a fail-proof routine to help treat and then camouflage those dull, tired, darkened eyes. I have nailed it down to 5 easy steps to looking bright eyed, wide awake and well rested no matter how tired I am.

Bright Eyed Babe | 5 Steps to Reviving Dull, Tired, Darkened, Eyes | Self Care & Skin Care |

Step 1 – Treat

The first step might just be the most important because good nourishing skincare is integral to how you look and feel. Happy, healthy eyes will appear lighter and brighter all on their own. An eye cream should be used both in the morning and at night and you can use the same one at both times or change it up. 

I personally like to use a lighter lotion during the day (I use the CeraVe Eye Repair Cream $20 CAD) to ensure good makeup application and a heavier, richer cream at night to nourish while I sleep. I feel like the combination is the perfect mixture to keep my eyes hydrated while I combat aging and further dark circles. 

My top choice for nighttime is the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy Overnight Balm ($47 CAD). It is a luxurious rich balm that just melts seamlessly into the skin while leaving a protective layer to keep working overnight (almost like a face mask for your eyes). It has a nutrient rich formula with shea butter, sunflower seed wax, algae, niaminicide and more that helps to target fine lines and wrinkles, combat dullness and uneven texture, and counteract loss of firmness and elasticity. The nourishing formula is amazing for chronic dry eyelids and eczema. 

Step 2 – Soothe

My secret weapon for happy, revived eyes that hold onto moisture throughout the day even under makeup! The Physicians Formula RefreshMint Eye DePuffer ($12 CAD) is an absolute must have in my routine. It is a cooling gel treatment stick that actually feels cold to the touch and transforms into water the second it hits skin! It is formulated with cucumber, peppermint and aloe vera to cool the temperature of the skin and visibly reduce signs of fatigue while bamboo shoot hydrates and glacial mineral water refreshes skin. 

Bright Eyed Babe | 5 Steps to Reviving Dull, Tired, Darkened, Eyes | Self Care & Skin Care |

Step 3 – Correct

Now that the skin and eyes are being treated from the inside it’s time to combat the outward appearance. 

If you have dark circles of any kind, it’s important to counteract any discolouration or darkness before attempting to cover anything up. This two step method is much more effective and you will use less product in the long run. In the case of tired eyes, less is definitely more to avoid looking overdone, cakey and dry. 

I always go in first with the Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector ($39 CAD), it is a full coverage corrector with a peachy tint (comes in two shades for your personal skin-tone) that brightens the appearance of darkness. It is infused with ultra-fine, light reflecting illuminators and Backlight Technology (just like their liquid illuminators and primers that they are known for) that reflects light to draw attention away from dullness, fine lines and wrinkles to create a lifting effect. 

I like to apply this starting in the inner corner and then blending out and up onto the lid. 

Step 4 – Conceal

I am constantly switching up my concealer but I always make sure to add just a little bit on top of the corrector to fully cover up any darkness and discolouration. I prefer to use a liquid concealer in a shade that is slightly lighter than my foundation to bring light and brightness to the eyes. Just like the corrector I concentrate the product in the inner corner and blend out to avoid applying too much.

Bright Eyed Babe | 5 Steps to Reviving Dull, Tired, Darkened, Eyes | Self Care & Skin Care |

Step 5 – Brighten

The final step is hide the last little bit of redness along the inner rim of the lower lash line and brighten even further. You can do this with any white, cream or nude coloured liner but I have found the absolute best option that stays put no matter how long you wear it or how watery your eyes are. 

The Pixi Beauty Eye Bright Liner ($12 USD) is a retractable, waterproof, precision inner rim liner designed to brighten, widen, and make the whites of the eyes look whiter. This creamy pencil has the perfect texture to melt into the eye but also stay in place once it’s applied. It comes in a cool, nude, flesh-toned shade that gives the illusion of larger, brighter, more awake eyes. 

Before & After

There you have it, 5 steps to revived, refreshed and rejuvenated eyes!


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