Summer Styles You Don’t Want To Miss | VICI Collection Wishlist | Brand Overview & Roundup

Hey Beauties! 


Unlike makeup, my style is something that doesn’t change or evolve all that often. I definitely don’t have the same sense of adventure and I am not quite as confident but that all seems to have changed lately. This summer I have my sights set on so many different styles and silhouettes that I have never tried before. Not to mention branching outside of my normal brand comfort zone and trying a few newer stores. 


A brand that is new to me and that I have been seeing all over Instagram in hauls from some of my favourite fashion bloggers is VICI Collection (@vicidolls). This california based brand specializes in contemporary women’s fashion, accessories and shoes with a focus on really unique, on-trend items at decently affordable prices (between $20-$100). 


They seem to stick to simple silhouettes, classic lines, and staple shapes all with interesting twists and additions that make the pieces special. They also seem to place a focus on using good fabrics in solid colours and delicate patterns. They don’t carry any styles that will lose their relevance after only one season, instead offering trendier items that won’t break the bank when worn over a couple of years. 


VICI is a brand that has been on my radar for quite some time so now I that I am thinking about placing an order, I wanted to round some pieces that have caught my attention.  

1. Gossamer Cotton Twist Dress – $54 USD

2. Figueroa Button Down Pocketed Dress – $54 USD


3. Morgan Tie Midi Dress – $58 USD


4. Tea Time Floral Dress – $52 USD


5. Into The Horizon Pocketed Maxi Dress – $52 USD

6. Fresh Start Pocketed Jumpsuit – $54 USD


7. Zoey Pocketed Romper – $46 USD


8. Lovina Ruffle Wrap Dress – $58 USD


9. Leela Clutch – $88 USD

10. Away With The Breeze Lace Midi Dress – $58 USD


11. Tropics Faux Suede Slide – $34 USD


12. Elite Sandal – $24 USD


13. Carissa Pointed Tie Slide – $30 USD

Have you tried anything from VICI


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