10 Must Have Holy Grail Makeup Brushes For Face & Eyes | Overview, Comparisons & Suggestions

10 Must Have Holy Grail Makeup Brushes For Face & Eyes | Overview, Comparisons & Suggestions | labellesirene.ca

Hey Beauties!


What is an artist without their brushes?


Whether you are an experienced makeup guru, a completely green gal or somewhere in between you need a good set of brushes to help you work your magic. When it comes to makeup, fingers can only do so much, you need to equip yourself with all of the right tools for the trade. 


A really good set of brushes can make the most incredible difference in your makeup routine, from how quickly and efficiently you are able to apply your makeup to how well the products blend, mesh and sit on the skin. A good brush will give you a seamless, skin-like finish and allow you to build up the coverage you want. A bad brush will give you streaky, uneven foundation and patchy, textured skin. 


I look at brushes as an investment, not only financially but in your makeup abilities. The more time and attention you pay to your brushes, in acquiring them and caring for them, the stronger and more confident you will become in your abilities. 


10 Must Have Holy Grail Makeup Brushes For Face & Eyes | Overview, Comparisons & Suggestions | labellesirene.ca

With that in mind, I also don’t believe that it is an investment that should cost you a million dollars. Not all brushes are created equal, especially when you consider how they are made, what they are made of and how long they last, but you do not need to spend a fortune on one individual brush. 


There are some really incredible brushes at all sorts of price ranges. Some of my favourites are from affordable brands like Morphe, Wet n’ Wild and Luxie but I also love more mid-range brands like Sephora, Smith, and Smashbox. I fully believe that a brush that costs $15 can be just as amazing as a brush that costs $50. 


In order to keep my collection a little more on the affordable side, I try to space my purchases out over time and I often buy the less expensive ones in bulk to avoid extra charges and duties from companies such as Morphe


Another trick to remember is that brushes are multipurpose. Just because a brush might have a specific use listed on it does not mean that you must use it for that purpose. You can use one brush for 3 different tasks and you can come up with your very own use that someone might not even consider. 


10 Must Have Holy Grail Makeup Brushes For Face & Eyes | Overview, Comparisons & Suggestions | labellesirene.ca

Must Have Face Brushes


1. The Bronzing Paddle Brush – The Morphe M527 ($16 USD) – This brush is the perfect tool to create a soft wash of bronzer around the perimeter of the face. The full, luxurious tapered head and pinched ferrule give you controlled placement and diffused color.


2. The Fan Brush – The Sephora Pro Fan ($35 CAD)My secret weapon for chiseled cheekbones, which can also be used for a super precise highlight. I line it up against the ear to carve out a line. 


3. The Duo-Fibre Brush – The Morphe M406 ($8 USD) – A full sized, luxurious stippling brush with a duo fiber of synthetic and goat for the perfect amount of firmness and a feather-light touch at the tip. Stipple on foundation for a flawless finish or sweep on color for a diffused, natural look. I love this for blending together all of my products and buffing out any mistakes. 


4. The Sheer Powder Brush – The Luxie 522 ($32 USD)Designed to be a precise highlighting brush, I love it to softly lay powder onto the skin right where I need it. It helps lock my foundation in place without applying too much product. 


5. The Highlighting Brush – The Morphe R36 ($8 USD) – Flared, tapered natural brush that sweeps highlight precisely where you want it.


10 Must Have Holy Grail Makeup Brushes For Face & Eyes | Overview, Comparisons & Suggestions | labellesirene.ca

Must Have Eye Brushes


1. The Dense Buffing Brush – The Morphe E23 ($7 USD) – A dense, domed blending brush for stronger crease color application or buffing away harsh lines. This is my favourite for buffing away all sorts of mistakes, lines, patchy spots etc. 


2. The Fluffy Transition Brush – The Sephora Pro Smoky Crease ($27 CAD – This specific brush is no longer available but I have linked a very similar one. I love this shape for applying a really diffused transition colour and blending out the crease. 


3. The Detailed Blending Brush – The Luxie 237 ($16 USD)This tiny little brush is amazing for those who have smaller eyelids and thus a smaller canvas to work with. This can get right down in the orbital bone for a super defined crease. 


4. The Lid Packing Brush – Morphe M153 ($2 USD)A very simple but very important brush, the coarse hairs and flat packed shape are ideal for applying really pigmented rich colour onto the lid. 


5. The Detail Pencil Brush – The Morphe M321 ($3 USD) – This short, dense brush tapers to a defined point and wedges into the crease and outer “V” for strong, defined color. It’s perfect for cut crease looks and precise color placement.


Other Must Have Tools


truly believe that you can’t possibly do your makeup without a beauty sponge or two. They are incredible multitaskings tools that can work with any medium and they also act as an eraser for any mistakes. 


The classic Beauty Blender is always a fav but my personal choice is the L’Oreal Infallible Artist Blender ($10 CAD). 


What does your brush collection look like? Do you like to build your collection slowly or in one fell swoop?


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