Let’s Do The Hoola | Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Collection | Review & Swatches

Let's Do The Hoola | Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Collection | Review & Swatches | labellesirene.ca

Hey Beauties! 

The summer season has started, we are all stocking up on bikinis and sunglasses and finding new ways to incorporate a little summer sunshine into our beauty routines. From beachy hair to sun-kissed skin and bronzed highlights we all want to look like a glowing goddess on those summer days!  

Thankfully, Benefit Cosmetics, the makers of the cult classic Hoola Bronzing Powder answered our sun salutations with an incredible extension to the Hoola family! 

Let's Do The Hoola | Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Collection | Review & Swatches | labellesirene.ca

The new Hoola Bronzing Collection takes the award winning neutral matte bronzer that we all love and turns it into a liquid and a body bronzer that are a pale girl’s dream come true. To top it all off everything has a subtle coconut scent that screams summer. 

Let's Do The Hoola | Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Collection | Review & Swatches | labellesirene.ca

The original Hoola Bronzing Powder is a gorgeous neutral matte brown that is flattering on pretty much every skin tone and can be used in a multitude of ways. The smooth powder is fabulous for an all over bronze, a sharp contour or even as a transitional eyeshadow. 

The formula is already perfection but Benefit wanted to give us the best possible application so they released their new Bronzing & Contouring Brush. 

The Hoola Bronzing & Contouring Brush retails for $31 CAD/$24 USD and is the ultimate brush for achieving that bronzed glow. It has ultra plush bristles in a tapered dome shape that fits perfectly into the contours of your face. The turquoise ombre bristles are super soft and fluffy but the tapered shape means they always hit in just the right spot and the slight firmness means you can apply and blend out product at the same time. 

The base of the brush is a gorgeous gold metallic bamboo reed that has a really great size and weight. It feels fantastic in the hand and is super easy to use. It also looks amazing sitting on your vanity. 

The shape of the brush is amazing because it can be used to sweep on a sheer layer of product for an allover glow or it can be used more directly for a slight contour. 

Let's Do The Hoola | Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Collection | Review & Swatches | labellesirene.ca

The Dew The Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer For Face retails for $36 CAD/$28 USD (1 fl oz) and is a complete game changer for us fairer skinned girls who want a natural looking glow without turning orange. 

It is essentially a liquid version of the classic Hoola powder with the same warm yet yellow toned bronze base and neutral undertone. It gives you the ability to get a natural, seamless looking golden glow without any shimmer, glimmer or gleam. 

It has an ultra lightweight gel-creme texture that melts into the skin and feels absolutely weightless. The sheer, yet buildable gel can be used all over the face to add a bit of colour and life to the skin or in select areas to skillfully contour and highlight. 

One layer is perfection for light skin tones but two is key for anything darker and it can even be used a subtle highlight for deep complexions. 

It has a super smooth consistency that blends seamlessly into the skin and smooths over hair, wrinkles and imperfections. It never looks patchy, cakey or heavy with the liquid base adding a slight bit of hydration that makes your skin look healthy and radiant but don’t fear you will never look oily. 

Let's Do The Hoola | Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Collection | Review & Swatches | labellesirene.ca

The Hoola Zero Tanlines Believable Allover Body Bronzer retails for $39 CAD/$30 USD for a massive 5 fl oz bottle that is meant to look like a little hula girl. This gorgeous sheer, matte bronze gel is a truly unique product. Instead of the classic self-tanner that can go horribly wrong, Zero Tanlines is essentially makeup for your body. 

It gives you the ability to have a gorgeous Hoola glow on your entire body without the commitment and mess of a self tanner. It applies to the skin with the included sponge that makes it hands free, mess free and streak free and it blends in seamlessly. It layers easily, never feels sticky and best of all it won’t budge or transfer onto your clothing. At the end of the night, after 12 hours of rocking the perfect tan, it will wash away in the shower. 

It gives a gorgeous sun kissed glow for events and special occasions but it also helps to even out skin tone, discolourations and imperfections, fix a patchy tan and match your face to your body when they don’t quite blend. 

Let's Do The Hoola | Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Collection | Review & Swatches | labellesirene.ca

(Top – Bottom – Zero Tanlines, Dew the Hoola, Hoola)

As you can see, all three products have the same warm bronze shade with a neutral yellow tone that keeps them from ever looking orange or fake. 

Let's Do The Hoola | Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Collection | Review & Swatches | labellesirene.ca

Wearing Dew The Hoola & Hoola to Contour

The new Hoola Bronzing Collection from Benefit Cosmetics is an absolute dream for us girls who are dying for a gorgeous sunkissed glow and a day at the pool without the sunburn. Whether you play with one or all four of the Hoola products you are destined to look incredible but natural at the same time. 

The entire collection is available now at Sephora, Ulta, Beauty Boutique and more. 



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