Brows That Wow | Benefit Cosmetics Magical New Brow Product Release | Everything You Need To Know!

Brows That Wow | Benefit Cosmetics Magical New Brow Product Release | Everything You Need To Know! |

Hey Beauties! 

I know that quite a few of you are true blue Benefit Cosmetics lovers so I could not be more excited to share today’s post with you! 

Benefit is known for their extensive brow knowledge and they are considered to be some of the unbeatable experts when it comes to brow shaping, mapping and filling. Their range of products encompasses everything you could imagine and combined with their Brow Bars that are littered all over the nation in Sephora locations, Benefit just can’t be beat. 

Just when I thought their range of products couldn’t get any better, Benefit dropped a bomb with an ultra-secretive, ultra-exclusive, surprise release party in Las Vegas where they debuted their brand new brow collection. 

Brows That Wow | Benefit Cosmetics Magical New Brow Product Release | Everything You Need To Know! |

The Design & Details

Benefit threw one hell of a party to introduce their new magic show themed collection that debuts new products as well as re-formulating the staples we all love. 

The new range features 9 products that will help you achieve the eyebrows of your dreams. They come in vibrant, colourful boxes with pop art-esque writing and retro touches.

Brows That Wow | Benefit Cosmetics Magical New Brow Product Release | Everything You Need To Know! |

Each product comes in gorgeous silver packaging with an overall vintage vibe and touches of art-deco design. Going along with the magic show theme, some of the products look very much like miniature magic wands which is so very fitting. 

The overall design of the line is very well thought out and incredibly cohesive from one product to the next. The line really speaks to Benefit’s aesthetic – it’s fun, bright and playful!  

The Products

The new range features a few old favourites that have either been re-formulated or have had additional shades added to the line as well as a bunch of brand new goodies. It covers everything from pencils and powders to gels and primers. 

Brow Zings Total Taming & Shaping Kit ($32 USD) – a long time favourite of many benebabes. This duo got a bit of a makeup but is just as amazing as before. It features a tinted wax and a powder along with a pair of mini tweezers and two mini angled brushes. It now comes in 6 new shades. 

Precisely, My Brow Pencil ($24 USD) – replaces the original brow pencil and is Benefit’s answer to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. This twist-up pencil is all about adding definition and depth with a tiny tip that can draw hair like strokes and precise outlines. It is perfect for carving out areas like the arch or the tail and it promises 12hr wear. It comes in 6 shades. 

The Goof-Proof Brow Pencil ($24 USD) – is the answer to achieving picture perfect brows in seconds. It is a thicker, retractable pencil that features a tip that lies somewhere between the shape of a triangle and a hexagon. It gives you the ability to draw different lines with each side for various depths and thicknesses. You can be very precise or fill in your brows in seconds. 

KA-BROW! Cream-Gel Brow Colour ($24 USD) – is the product that I am most excited about! It is essentially a brow pomade that comes in a pot and features a hidden angled brush. It’s cream texture makes it the perfect product for achieving those picture perfect brows that you see all over Instagram. It is great for carving out bold brows or for filling in brows with sparse areas. It comes in 6 shades. 

High Brow & High Brow Glow Pencil ($24 USD) – these infamous pencils are back and better than ever. The champagne and ivory-pink pencils are incredible for cleaning up around the brows, hiding unsightly hairs and highlighting under the arch and the inner corner. The new version features a creamier formula that glides on smoothly. 

3D Browtones Highlighting Gel ($24 USD) – is a really interesting new product. It is a subtle brow enhancing gel that essentially adds highlight to your brows. Benefit recommends using it to add dimension to darker brows, lighten darker brows and add a wash of colour to lighter brows on casual days. 

Gimme Brow Volumizing Fibre Gel ($24 USD) – my favourite Benefit brow product is back and now comes in a third shade for those girls who didn’t fit into the “light” or “dark” selections. This is a tinted setting gel that makes your brows look more voluminous by adding tiny fibres that emulate the look of natural hair. It great for adding depth, thickness and fullness to your brows. 

Ready, Set, Brow! Invisible Shaping & Setting Gel ($24 USD) – is a clear setting gel that lets you decide where you brow hairs should lay and it locks them into place. It promises 24hr hold and an invisible finish. 

BROWVO! Conditioning Primer ($28 USD) – is going to be a staple for girls with sparse brows! It is a nutrient-rich primer that helps to give the look of fuller looking brows while also helping your brows grow! It features Keratin and soy proteins and can be used alone or under brow products for extra fullness. 

How exciting is this new release?! It was such a massive surprise but obviously Benefit has been working their butts off to create the best brow products possible! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these products and try them for myself since I know I love the ones I already own. 

The entire new range will be available at Sephora & Shoppers Drug Mart on June 26th. 

All photos are courtesy of Pop Sugar



  1. Jenn
    May 21, 2016 / 5:47 pm

    These pics are awesome. I can't wait to try to cream brow gel contour.

  2. Miss Angie
    May 21, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    I LOVE Benefit cosmetics, and eye brows are my new favorite looks. A good contrast and shaping makes all the difference!

  3. Enjoy Freebies
    May 21, 2016 / 8:29 pm

    What a gorgeous collection! I would love to try ANY of those products.

  4. Adaleta
    May 21, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    I think I've told you before, but I absolutely LOVE your blog & it's such an amazing source of information for beauty! This is a great post xx Adaleta Avdic

  5. iReview Global
    May 21, 2016 / 11:10 pm

    I know we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but I love brigh, cute packaging! Also love the goof proof brow pencil!

  6. Amanda Rosson
    May 22, 2016 / 12:28 am

    Oh wow, all these products look so great! Love the super cute packaging!! I'm excited to check out the Precisely, My Brow Pencil and the Gimme Brow Gel :)xx, Amanda

  7. Diana LittleMissFangirly
    May 22, 2016 / 1:10 am

    I love Benefit Cosmetics! Their packaging is always so cute and their products are great!

  8. Rebecca Greene
    May 22, 2016 / 1:14 am

    I don't have the patience to work on my brows other than going to the salon to have them done. However, that packaging is so beyond cute.

  9. Raya
    May 22, 2016 / 6:24 am

    Omg this all look amazing! I actually can't believe that benefit released so many brow products all at once. Super excited to compare this to ABH 🙂

  10. Keep it Simple DIY
    May 22, 2016 / 2:34 pm

    The names of these products are all fantastic!

  11. Amanda | Glitter & Spice
    May 22, 2016 / 2:35 pm

    Wait OMG I need to go get everything NOW. I already use High Brow and Gimme Brow but it definitely looks like I need to go on a shopping spree and try out all of the other new products (especially the new medium shade in Gimme Brow!). Thanks for sharing!XO Amanda |

  12. Chelsea Olivia
    May 22, 2016 / 6:37 pm

    I'm soooo excited about these new products! Loved getting a sneak peek at GenBeauty!

  13. CourtneyLynne
    May 22, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    Omg everything sounds so fab!!!! I'm a natural blonde so my brows ughhh…. Pretty much invisible so I depend on products like these!!!

  14. Jackie G
    May 23, 2016 / 2:16 am

    All of these products look and sound amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on some of these goodies so I can play!JackieSomething About That

  15. Jessica Bradshaw
    May 23, 2016 / 2:27 am

    Thanks for sharing this!! I love brow products. I have to run to Ulta tomorrow and will check out some of your suggestions.

  16. LeighAnn Searle
    May 23, 2016 / 3:19 pm

    I am so excited to try these new products! They look awesome!XO,LA

  17. Anosa Malanga
    May 23, 2016 / 6:19 pm

    I am loving all of these products, I have tried a few Benefits products and they have not disapointed me

  18. Jenna Fletcher
    May 23, 2016 / 7:03 pm

    I like brow powder but have never heard of brow contour gel before. Interesting!

  19. Alexandra Hollander
    May 24, 2016 / 1:31 am

    I saw these at work this morning- they look awesome!

  20. Katherine L
    May 25, 2016 / 4:14 pm

    I was so excited when I seen these at GenBeauty, and now I want to try the entire line. I'm getting more into brow products (my brow wiz is no longer alone in my drawer). So excited! Katherine || The Green Bows

  21. Brittany Ashmore
    May 26, 2016 / 3:17 am

    I Have been wanting to try that brow pencil for a while now!!!! I need to make a stop to Sephora!

  22. Holly Cuperus
    June 9, 2016 / 5:27 am

    I'm going to be trying the Gimme Brow. I never use brow products, so this will be my first.

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