The Sunday Post

Hey Beauties! 

As you read this post, I am off at my nephew’s 3rd birthday party and I am probably having the best time because he is so freaking cute. I can’t explain how happy I am to get to spend this day with him but it kills me that he’s getting so big! 

Anyway for this week’s recap I thought I would include a photo of his best friend Snow the cat, who he never stops talking about even though he’s only met her twice. She and I have been having non stop cuddles this week because it has been non stop raining and she just can’t get any cuter. I also wanted to include the quote above because it really stuck with me when I saw it on Instagram a few days ago. 

I also had two new videos this week, an unboxing of an international makeup swap and a tutorial for a cranberry smoky eye. 

How was your week?


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