Review | L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation, Powder & Setting Spray

Hey Beauties! 

Every single time I sit down at my vanity and pull out the products to use that day, I consciously try to pick new things and rotate through my collection but I cannot for the life of me convince myself to put down the L’oreal Infallible collection.

 Ever since I purchased the L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte collection – about two months ago – the rest of my foundations and powders have been left behind. I have rambled on and on for those two months about how amazing the line is but I have never actually sat down to review it because I was just so absorbed in loving it- better late than never right?

The L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte collection consists of three products – a foundation, a setting powder and a setting spray. All three products can be used in conjunction with one another or separately. I definitely have my favourites that I use more often than others so let’s start with my personal favourite – the foundation. 

L’oreal describes the Infallible Pro Matte Foundation ($19.99) as demi matte and air light. It is oil free and claims to last 24 hours. I describe it as perfect skin in a bottle. 

The Pro Matte Foundation comes in 9 shades, all of which are yellow toned apart from the lightest which is more pink. It is a very creamy liquid based foundation that delivers the effect of matte skin without ever looking dull, dry or cakey. I agree with the demi matte claim because it gives you the matte look but is also has a luminosity that helps your skin look natural and never flat. It glides on effortlessly and blends like a dream, whether you use a brush or a sponge it is super easy to blend and buff the product into the skin for that flawless airbrushed finish. 

It has light to medium coverage in one layer but you can build it up to a high-medium. No matter how much you apply, it never seems to get cakey, thick or heavy. It feels feather light on the skin, I am super aware of the way a product feels on but with this you truly feel like you have nothing on. It flawlessly covers redness, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and pores. It doesn’t accentuate those pores or bring attention to problems with texture, but glides over them to give you the appearance of perfect skin. 

I have combination skin and never find it dries me out and clings to any sort of dry patches but as a matte foundation I can imagine it wouldn’t be the best for ultra dry skin. I always moisturize before I apply my makeup and that might be the key but this foundation is definitely better than other matte ones I have tried. 

In terms of the 24 hour claim, I have not and I will never try wearing my makeup for that long but with that being said I have no doubts that this foundation would make it. This stuff has stayed put through rain storms, work outs, dance classes, 40 degree days and more. No matter what I throw at it, it seems to persevere. I have worn it for 14 straight hours and it looks exactly the same at the end of the night as it did when I first applied it. Most foundations will disappear and break up around my nose but not this stuff. It might be in thanks to it’s Micro Sponge Technology that absorbs oil as it appears. Whatever magical ingredient lives inside this foundation it works. 

The Infallible Pro Matte Powder ($15.99) is a pressed powder that comes in 4 shades and is designed to be to set foundation or alone for a sheer layer of coverage. It comes in a clear topped compact so you can see the product inside, it also has a mirror and a sponge for on the go touch ups. It has a velvety smooth texture, sheer coverage and a soft matte finish. Just like the foundation it gives you the look of matte skin but while retaining a healthy glow so your skin never looks dry, cakey or flat. Instead you are left with the look of real skin, it is difficult to tell that you are even wearing anything. 

The Pro Matte Powder layers on top of the foundation as well as itself beautifully and blends well. Thanks to it’s velvety, lightweight texture, it can be lightly dusted onto the skin or even buffed into it. In terms of oil control and lasting power, I find that it absorbs any oil that might appear throughout the day without making my skin look dry and I can apply it in the morning and not need to touch up even once. As I said before, I have combination skin so someone with overly oily skin might have to touch up once or twice. 

The Infallible Pro Spray & Set ($16.99) was inspired by the best kept secrets of the best makeup artists during crazy fashion weeks around the world. Considered a micro-mist , the Pro Spray & Set is an oil-free, non-comedogenic setting spray along the lines of Skindinavia and Urban Decay. It comes housed in a matte black bottle with 3.4 fluid ounces. The back of the bottle offers tips on how to apply the spray to achieve the best effect, including the common X or T method. 

The spray is indeed micro, it feels very gentle and fine and doesn’t leave you too wet. It takes a few seconds to set and when it does you are left with a nice soft matte feel, it doesn’t leave you sticky or tacky whatsoever. Once it dries fully, your makeup will be practically indestructible, when paired with the other Pro Matte products and with other foundations it sets your makeup into place for hours upon hours of wear. 

The combination of the entire Infallible Pro Matte collection is your secret weapon for fighting oil as well as makeup fatigue, disintegration and migration. Each product is a winner individually and compare to the best of the best even beating out some more prestige products in my opinion. If you find yourself at the drugstore, make sure to pick up at least one of these products and you won’t be disappointed. 



  1. Rachael Broomfield
    August 14, 2015 / 5:29 pm

    I really want to try out the setting spray! I don't get along with matte foundations due to having dry skin no matter how much moisturizer I apply but the setting spray could be just want I need to keep my eyeshadow from going astray (as eye primer is not enough apparently!)Rachael at

  2. Jessie-Ann Lewis
    August 14, 2015 / 5:49 pm

    I love matte foundations and this looks gorgeous. Such a flawless finish and it looks fab on you! (PS – i love your lipstick!!) Great, in depth review hun. xx Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Stephanie B
    August 14, 2015 / 5:49 pm

    I might try the setting spray, as I didn't have much luck with the Skindinevia one. I'm just not keen on the packaging.. i know, I'm superficial haha!

  4. Lauren DellaFera
    August 15, 2015 / 4:14 pm

    I absolutely LOVE this collection as well! It definitely outperforms just about any other drugstore foundation I've tried, especially as someone with oily skin. I haven't tried the powder yet, but it seems like it would be just as fabulous as everything else.

  5. Jodi
    August 15, 2015 / 5:10 pm

    Okay, I definitely need to pick up the foundation now. I've been waffling on it since it came out but it sounds perfect for me!

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