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Hey Beauties! 

Growing up, my Nana always told me that a good night’s rest was absolutely essential to a well lived life and she often took naps in order to make the most of her beauty sleep. When I was little, I thought she slept way too much but as I got older I understood why – she had flawless skin. My Nana taught me everything I know about beauty, she was a huge advocate for skincare and helping your skin with good hydrating ingredients so I know she would have absolutely loved the new Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream range from Garnier. 

The incredible people at Garnier must have had someone of their own to pass on their beauty knowledge because they are always knocking it out of the park and coming up with groundbreaking ideas at affordable prices (see my review of the Garnier Makeup Removing Lotion). 

The Miracle Sleeping Cream range is inspired by the idea that a good night’s sleep is the key to good skin as well as by the Asian trend of using Sleeping Packs (overnight masks). Science has proven that nighttime is the ideal time for your skin to absorb nutrients as it regenerates cells, repairs problems and renews hydration while your body rests. The Miracle Sleeping Creams imitate but also enhance your body’s natural overnight cycle with carefully picked ingredients to help you wake up refreshed and energized. 

The Miracle Sleeping Cream Night Cream* is an incredibly lightweight yet thick, luxurious gel cream that melts into the skin with a cooling sensation. A tiny bit of the pale pink gel goes a long way and the slight floral fragrance fades as it sinks in. The anti-age and anti-fatigue formula combines the hydrating power of a mask with the light, refreshing feel of a a cream. It is formulated with 7 active ingredients – LHA (to boost radiance and fight bacteria), Adenosine (to combat signs of ageing from fatigue), Extract of Albizia (a powerful antioxidant that fights fatigue, helps uneven skintone and reduces wrinkles), Hyaluronic Acid (to intensely hydrate), Extract of Ruscus (to boost circulation), Jojoba Oil (to strengthen skin’s natural barriers), and Lavender Essential Oil ( to improve the quality of sleep). 

This supercharged cream is incredibly powerful, it packs the skin with deep hydration that plumps, soothes and calms while reducing signs of dull, dry, tired skin. It helps to boost cell renewal, repair the skin’s moisture barrier and fight wrinkles. For such an intense night cream it is surprisingly light, refreshing and non greasy. I was sceptical and thought that such a powerful product might clog my pores and induce breakouts but the lightweight texture and well thought out ingredients made for a cream that delivers all it promises without overwhelming the skin. I have used the cream nightly for two weeks and have not had any problem breakouts but my skin has greatly improved. 

The Miracle Sleeping Cream Eye Cream* features the same mixture of active ingredients and delivers the same incredible results with a few extra additions. It is formulated with caffeine and plant extracts to plump, soften and nourish the eyes while reducing dark circles and helping you look awake. It packs the same punch of hydration and amazingly my psoriasis has been completely banished. It is unlike the night cream as it is more of a clear gel with no tint or scent. I don’t have a problem with dark circles but I can attest that the eye cream has changed my under eyes and they are no longer dry and puffy.

Every morning since starting my journey with the Garnier Sleeping Creams, I have woken up to radiant, hydrated skin. I have been stunned by the difference it has made and how different my skin feels. I have not used any other night creams since and I don’t plan on changing any time soon. Even when I can’t get my much loved beauty sleep, a night with these creams make me look like I’ve had the best sleep of my life. I could not recommend this range more and I suggest you run out and try it for yourself, no matter what skin type you have. 

The Garnier Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Creams are both dermatologist and allergy tested and both retail for $24.99. They are available online (eye cream) and at your local drugstore. 

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  1. Megan Joy
    May 1, 2015 / 9:59 pm

    Annnd I'm buying that eye cream tomorrow. I've been on the market for one recently and haven't found any that sound like they are worth trying. Great review 🙂

    • La Belle Sirene
      May 3, 2015 / 1:54 pm

      Thanks so much Megan! I really hope you like it, I've never liked an eye cream quite as much!

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