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Hey Beauties! 

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you will know that I have two true loves in makeup – lipsticks and blushes. I just can’t stay away from the beautiful rainbow of colours  and honestly, who can resist a little bit of shimmer and glam in those certain beauties from NARS and Hourglass? Every time I do my makeup, I look at my blush collection and try to pick something I haven’t used before but I recently realized that my collection was seriously lacking a few more affordable options. After doing a little bit of research I knew I wanted to pick up a couple of the Revlon Powder Blushes and I have been really enjoying them since. 

The Revlon Powder Blushes come housed in chic black packaging that I really love. The sleek patent square with gold detail looks super luxe and sophisticated but also feels sturdy and well made. You get a really decent amount of products, a brush for on the go and a handy mirror in the lid but the best bit is the glass window that lets you see the colour on the inside. The collection comes with 9 shades (online it shows that there may be new shades coming) that range from a true nude (think Tarte’s Exposed) to bright pops of pink and even a berry. I bought the shades Haute Pink (a medium toned pink), Classy Coral (a pinky peach), and Oh Baby Pink ( a light rosy pink). 

The collection seems to come with a variety of finishes as Haute Pink is a satin but Classy Coral and Oh Baby Pink are both matte. Despite the difference in finish all three are very similar in texture. They all feel quite stiff in the pan when you first touch them but after the first layer is broken you are left with a soft and smooth texture that is not overly powdery. 

All three have decent colour payoff and the matte shades a bit more sheer but to be honest I much prefer a sheerer blush. I find it is so much more user friendly when a blush is less than “pigmented” because you never run the risk of applying too much product. It is so much easier to add more than it is to take away so I really love how intense these blushes are. 

In terms of application, I think Revlon really knocked it out of the park. These blushes are really lovely on the cheeks, they are incredibly easy to build up and they layer really well. I  often find that if you layer a blush it can be almost impossible to blend out properly but these ones blends easily and seem to melt into the skin. They create a gorgeous flush on the cheeks that looks very natural and appears almost glowy. 

{L-R – Haute Pink, Oh Baby Pink, Classy Coral}

The Revlon Powder Blushes are a really great affordable option that make for the perfect everyday blush. They are so easy to work with and come in so many fun shades, I almost want to collect them all. They retail for only $11.99 and are available online or at your local drugstore. 

Have you tried any of Revlon’s Blushes? What are your favourite affordable blushes?



  1. Jen27
    April 28, 2015 / 7:23 pm

    I haven't tried Revlon's blushes in ages, but these shades are ultra beautiful! Loving Classy Coral especially :)

    • La Belle Sirene
      May 3, 2015 / 2:09 pm

      They're really quite nice, you should give them a try! x

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