Maybelline Eye Studio Quads | The Review

Hey Beauties!

There are a few products that are known in the beauty world to be drugstore staples, products that every girl should have in her collection and one of my favourites are the Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Plush Silk Quads. These affordable little palettes are true gems, there are 15 shades available and each palette comes with 4 shadows designed to create a dynamic eye. There are neutral quads, smoky options and even bright colours to choose from. 

The shadows themselves are really nice quality, they are incredibly pigmented and multi-dimensional with a high dose of shimmer but no chunky glitter. They are buttery, smooth and creamy due to the infusion of exclusive silk pigments that make them a breeze to apply. They are so soft that there tends to be a bit of fallout but it’s worth it for the intense pigment and incredible blendability. 

I have two shades, Copper Chic and Taupe Temptress. Copper Chic is my favourite and most used. It includes a chocolaty brown, a rich gold, a copper and a creamy ivory and the combination creates a seriously stunning golden goddess sort of look. 

Taupe Temptress is a little bit more subtle with a plum toned brown, a taupe, a rosy grey and a white highlight. I love to use this quad for nights out because it is a softer take on a smoky eye. 

I think every girl needs at least one of the Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Plush Silk Quads in their collection. They are a great affordable option ($11.99) that packs the punch of a high end palette. 

Have you tried these beauties?



  1. Rachael Broomfield
    December 15, 2014 / 6:18 pm

    I keep seeing these but never actually pick one up! I have had a lot of bad luck with drug store quads but those colours ARE beautiful. I'll just have to see how restrained I'm being next time I'm in Shoppers!Rachael at

  2. Heather McKnight
    December 15, 2014 / 8:32 pm

    I must have been living under a rock as I've not seen very many people talk about these, although this post may have just completely sold me. I definitely need a trip to the drugstore to pick up a few palettes! Great review, thanks for sharing!Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  3. Annabel B
    December 15, 2014 / 11:38 pm

    Love the shades in this, just the colours I would go for. And so pigmented too!Annabel ♥Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Jen27
    December 16, 2014 / 3:50 pm

    Ooh, the tones in Copper Chic are so up my alley! Love the shimmer :)

  5. Jodi Butler
    December 19, 2014 / 5:21 pm

    I LOVE the copper one – it's so up my alley!

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