A Little Sephora Haul

Am I the only one that goes into Sephora for one thing and leaves with six? It happens every time! Well, this time I only got two extras and one was free but none the less one thing turned into 3. To be honest, had I not been with my friend Heather aka my wallet protector, I probably would have bought even more. But moving on, let’s get into this haul! 

The product that I originally went in to buy was the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel. This pencil is my absolute holy grail product for my eyebrows and it comes in a shade that actually works for my strawberry blonde hairs. Once I picked the brow pencil up I headed to the check out line of doom and of course I wanted to buy everything but I ended up choosing the Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo in the shades Musk and Lychee. A handy little duo with two seriously gorgeous nudes that I think will live in my handbag. Then i finally made it up to the counter and traded in my VIB points for this awesome Hourglass Cosmetics 500 point perk! I don’t usually spend any of my points but I am so glad I made the decision to give them up because I am so happy with this little kit. It contains some of Hourglass’s best sellers – a good sized sample of the Veil Mineral Primer, a mini Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon, a mini Femme Rouge Velvet Creme Lipstick in Grace, a mini Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara and three samples of their foundations!

Overall, I think I did pretty well and I didn’t end up blowing my budget so it was a successful trip to Sephora. 

What Sephora goodies are on your wish list?



  1. Jen27
    September 3, 2014 / 3:38 pm

    Great haul! I'm such a huge fan of Anastasia brow products and that 500 point perk is amazing! xo-Jenwww.vibrantbeautyblog.com

    • Courtney Connolly
      September 11, 2014 / 3:42 pm

      I was so excited when I saw it at the counter!

  2. Stephanie B
    September 3, 2014 / 5:54 pm

    Bite does have nice colours and packaging but i just cannot go past their awful smell! I went to Sephora in Quebec City 2 weeks ago and I only bought their new lipbalms, they are in a ball packaging like the EOS ones, but they have a sheer tint and they all smell different! 🙂

    • Courtney Connolly
      September 11, 2014 / 3:43 pm

      I didn't think they had much of a smell! But my nose is sniffly. Ooh I'll have to try those!

  3. Meg
    September 3, 2014 / 10:48 pm

    Love the brow wiz, and also picked up the Hourglass 500 pt perk! I'm always super impressed with their 500 pt perks.

    • Courtney Connolly
      September 11, 2014 / 3:44 pm

      Isn't it amazing? I've not always loved them so I'm picky with my points.

  4. Vanessa N
    September 5, 2014 / 4:55 am

    Whoah that 500 pt perk is pretty AMAZING! Though, I have to be honest and say that I didn't really enjoy the primer. I don't trade in my points in too often either, as I'm cheap and much rather ask for a free sample of a product instead of spending (technically) $100 for a tiny a$$ deluxe sized sample.

    • Courtney Connolly
      September 11, 2014 / 3:45 pm

      I'm the same I don't like to spend my points but I have a weakness for mini sized things, its a struggle lol

  5. Cat at OddlyLovely.com
    September 9, 2014 / 5:19 am

    The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is to die for. I got one as a sample from Sephora 6 months ago and keep going back for full-sized bottles. I love how silky the texture is, unlike so many other primers that feel kind of silicon-y.I always walk out of Sephora with way more than I need, too!Cathttp://oddlylovely.com

    • Courtney Connolly
      September 11, 2014 / 3:45 pm

      I'm so excited to be able to try it!

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