Girl On The Wing – Summer Lookbook Launch Party

This past Friday night I went to go visit one of my favourite stores, Girl On The Wing for the launch of their new summer collection and lookbook! Whitney was kind enough to invite me as well as my friend Heather and the lovely Sharon from UndertheBlush. It was a night full of meeting beautiful new faces, great conversations, yummy treats and of course lots of shopping. 

The Summer 2014 lookbook is seriously a thing of beauty, authentic vintage as well as inspired pieces were put together to create some amazing sporty outfits. Think bright colours and fun prints, easy to wear rompers and versatile shorts and skirts, all accented with vintage athletic equipment! During the party, prints were hung along the walls to give the customers inspiration and the outfits were all available to purchase if you happened to fall in love. 

Along side the lookbook, Whitney was showcasing her new handpicked Summer collection that was chalked full of amazing nautical inspired dresses, fun fruity prints and high waisted shorts. Absolutely every piece was beautiful and so unique. The beautiful thing about Girl On The Wing is that you will find something that speaks to who you are and it will always be one of a kind. Every piece is picked because of its beauty and quality, so you know you are buying something that will last you for years and at an affordable price! 

Being a summer launch party there were also plenty of summer appropriate accessories available including some amazing retro-inspired bikinis by Esther Williams, the classic Salt Water Sandals, gorgeous sunglasses, fruit shaped jewellery and fun patterned bangles. With so many unique options, no one was going home without a new summer accessory. 

For that one night only, Whitney was offering some amazing deals so Heather, Sharon and I took advantage and spent a couple hours playing with some beautiful fashion. In the end, Heather left with an amazing blouse, some jean shorts and a pin and Sharon picked up a pair of Salt Water Sandals! 

It was such a fun night and we made some awesome memories. I cannot recommend Girl On The Wing enough and if you are in Hamilton you should stop by! To read more about Girl On The Wing check out this post or visit their website


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