Recipe | The Classic Vinaigrette

I don’t know about you but during the summer I become much more adventurous with my food. Most of the produce is fresh and local, the colours and bright and the flavours are vibrant. This combination creates a spark that makes me incredibly passionate about finding new recipes and testing them out. So I was thinking of starting a series where I test out and talk about my favourite recipes, new and old.

I thought the best place to start would be with an old favourite, my go-to homemade vinaigrette! During the summer I eat a lot of salads, they are quick, easy and fresh and you can come up with a million different combinations. While I have nothing against store bought dressing, there is just something about a simple oil and vinegar dressing that i love and after a little trial and error I have found the recipe that works for me. I use this specific vinaigrette on every salad i eat and it never gets boring because it is light enough to let the ingredients of the salad stand out but it also has enough flavour to be noticeable.

The Classic Vinaigrette:

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-Red Wine Vinegar

-Dried Oregano

-Dried Basil

-Garlic Powder

-Mason Jar or Dressing Bottle

Now this recipe is not an exact science, it is completely based off of personal preference. You can mix up the ingredients and switch out the herbs if something does not appeal to you. As long as you stick with the same base, you will end up with an awesome dressing.

You want to start with a container that has a lid, preferably a Mason jar or an old dressing bottle. Clean out your jar and layer in your herbs, i personally use a tablespoon of oregano and basil and half a tablespoon of garlic powder. Once you have those in the bottom of the jar, pour in the vinegar to about half way and then fill the rest with the olive oil. Put the lid back on and shake. That’s it!

You have now got a super simple, but light and refreshing vinaigrette with a bit of a tang. It is also incredibly easy to store because none of the ingredients need to be refrigerated. I keep mine on the counter for easy access and each time I use it I just shake and pour!

I really hope you lovely readers enjoy this recipe and let me know if you test it out!

Do you like the idea of a series of recipe posts?



  1. Stephanie B
    June 17, 2014 / 3:16 pm

    I love the idea of recipe posts! I really like herbs, and I always forget to incorporate them in my food 🙁

    • Courtney
      June 17, 2014 / 10:15 pm

      Good to know! I keep mine on my counter so I remember to use them, try that!

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