The Birthday Weekend

My 23rd birthday was just a few days ago (Feb 27th) and this year was pretty special. I never know what I want to do for my birthday other than celebrate it in some way and this year was no different. I knew I wanted something simple ( I had a party last year and my sister never showed up, kind of a bummer) and I only wanted my two closest friends to be there. In the end I had planned sort of a weekend vacay in the middle of the week. haha.

We kicked it off with a girls night in – lots of wine, too much sushi, cupcakes and The Wolf of Wall Street on the TV. We laughed a bunch and got a little crazy but it was probably the best night I’ve had in a long time.


The next day was a little more chill, we drove to my hometown and had brunch at a tea room. It was magical. Seriously. I felt a little bit like a princess with my scones and macaroons. (I watch too many disney movies, i swear haha) My sister and my mom joined us and it was really great.

Later that night we went out for dinner at this amazing burger bar called The Works. I first tried them a few months ago and I have been obsessed since. They have the most ridiculous burgers (mac n cheese on a burger??) but they are so crazy good. Not to mention the deep fried pickles.

I was pretty spoiled this year, my mum and my boyfriend pitched in to get me a new camera – the Canon G16 which is a compact DSLR that is much easier for me to carry. Not to mention the adorable canvas with my favourite couple Mickey and Minnie.

It was a pretty spectacular birthday and I had the best time. Usually something goes terribly wrong each year but not this year (just a little hiccup) so i’m incredibly thankful.
I felt loved and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


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  1. Stephanie B
    March 4, 2014 / 10:23 pm

    Everything looks so yummy! And those teacups are sooooo cute! The couple at the burger place doesn't look in love though….

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