No More Bleeding Lips

Don’t you just want to cry when you look in the mirror and your lipstick is smeared outside the lines of your lips? Or it has somehow miraculously landed on your cheek? 

We all know that there is an easy solution but really who would rather spend their money on a new nail polish than a lip liner? Personally, I only own 3 coloured lip liners and I find them less than exciting to buy. The concept of a universal lip liner was completely new to me and now I don’t know how I survived without it.

The Secret Lip Liner was first introduced in New Zealand and has slowly made it’s way into the American market. It is a clear wax liner that you use to trace the outside of your lips, creating a barrier that prevents bleeding, transferring and feathering and can be used to define or overdraw the shape of the lips. It also doubles as a line filler to smooth out the fine lines and creases on and around the lips. 

The liner does a great job at preventing all lipstick mishaps but it is not without it’s faults. The product itself is very soft and it will break if too much pressure is applied. It also contains a very small amount of product (0.01oz) that disappears quickly so it best saved for bolder lips that requires that extra step. 

I’ve been very happy with the Secret Lip Liner but I definitely want to check out the alternatives made by Bite Beauty and Sephora. 

You can buy the Secret Lip Liner at Sephora for $15 or at some Shoppers Drug Marts for $19. 


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