Review – Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser

Instant Age Rewind – $10.99 at drugstores

Everybody has heard about it and i think everyone tried it way before me but you know I had to test it out for myself. It’s a fan favourite concealer/brightener that is supposed to be a miracle worker.

Banish dark circles, puffiness and fine lines?? Yes please!

I finally decided to bite the bullet and picked it up in the lightest shade available (story of my life hah). The shade range is pretty great with 6 different tones including one specifically designed for neautralizing redness or shadows.

I found that they all had a bit of a yellow/orangey tinge to them which is not my favourite as it just appears darker on my skin so i can’t use it unless i pair a full coverage foundation with it. It’s definetly not a match for my days of concealer, mascara and go.

The coverage itself was amazing. It was opaque with one swipe and the consistency seems to be perfect. It’s not too thick or cakey and it is just creamy enough to glide over the skin without settling into any lines.

The packaging was also a bit of a miss in my book. In theory the specially designed applicator is great but i’m not a fan of a sponge. Seems a bit unsanitary to me, kind of like a foundation brush you never wash.

I loved the formula and idea of this concealer, just wish i could find a shade that worked better for my translucent skin.

Any tips or suggestions?

Courtney x


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