Odds and Ends | Week in Review

Wow! Another week gone. February is starting to fly by but im not complaining – my birthday’s coming up! haha. It was honestly a really relaxed week, we had a crazy snowstorm and being the wimp that I am, I stayed inside for most of the week. (Sad, I know) but i actually don’t deal well with extremely cold weather as I have an auto-immune disorder. So being inside, I got quite a bit or reading done and I watched an awful lot of American Horror Story. So onto my weekly favourites:

Candle of the Week: I just can not get over how amazing the Cinnamon Caramel Swirl candle from Bath and Body Works smells, so I decided to burn a second one!

Tea of the Week: I have been loving the warm spicyness of my Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Tea.

Product of the Week: Since I haven’t really gone anywhere, I have been doing a lot of at-home pampering with my old favourite – Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask.

Blog Post of the Week: I have to mention this post over on The Small Things Blog, I could NOT stop laughing when I read this so I had to share it!

Video of the Week: I have two favourite videos this week for beauty, I really enjoyed Blair Fowler’s video on Valentine’s Day snacks – she had some super cute ideas! And for my extra, I am a huge Lily Allen fan so I can not stop watching her new video for Air Baloon!


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