Odd and Ends – Week in Review

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This past week has been a whirlwind, but a very exciting one. I feel like i have accomplished quite a bit, with getting my new living room furniture (and tossing the old stuff), getting lots of posts planned, ordering my new lighting and working on getting a new design for my blog (Can NOT wait for it to be up!) 

Tea of the Week: I’ve been feeling a cold creeping up for a while so i’m become a religious drinker of the YOGI Echinacea immune support herbal tea. I love to cuddle up with a mug of this, with a little bit of honey mixed in and just inhale the goodness. I much prefer this to taking an echinacea supplement and i can feel the effects much faster. 

Candle of the Week: I must admit, i’m stuck on the Christmas candle bandwagon and i don’t plan to get off anytime soon. Christmas time is candle heaven to a sweet lover like me, and right now im burning the Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Caramel Swirl. Let me just say – MY GOD ITS GOOD! My entire house smells like freshly baked cinnamon buns which is fantastic as it’s stopped me from popping by Cinnabon for my fix. 

Blogpost of the Week: I read soo many posts every day thats it’s difficult to choose (as everyone is amazing!) but sometimes one just sticks out to me. This week has got to be Katie’s Beauty Blog’s post on Tanya Burr’s new line of liplosses and nail polishes. I’m a huge fan of Tanya’s and it was soo nice to see swatches of the new beauties. 

Youtube Video of the Week: I love waking up every morning, grabbing a cup of coffee and settling in to catch up on my daily Youtube videos. It’s become a ritual, i just can’t seem to break. Well this week has been filled with a lot of “January Favourites” and my favourite has definetly been Ms. Glamorazzi’s. I feel like we are on the same wave length and I want me some donuts! haha

How was your week??? 

Courtney x


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