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I have a love – hate relationship with winter. On one hand, i do not deal well with the cold. I hate wearing bulky coats and the terrible weather. I become a bit of a hermit in the winter because my motivation to leave my bed is at absolute zero. However, i LOVE snow.

I am the kinda girl that MUST run outside and catch the snowflakes during the first fluffy snowfall. I think it is so insanely beautiful when you look out the window late at night and everything is covered in a white blanket and the reflection from the street lamps make everything glow. I am also a huge fan of cuddling up in a big fuzzy blanket with a hot drink and a book.

So to help me make the most of this dreary but magical time of year i like to arm myself with a few essentials that make me feel like i’m in a cabin in the mountains. I’m lucky enough to have a fireplace in my living room that keeps me toasty warm but you can never go wrong with a few candles to set the atmosphere (and to smell amazing of course). Then i’ll tuck myself up in a little cocoon of blankets and cozy pillows, throw on my fuzy socks, grab my current book and a cup of tea or coffee and just be. There really is no better way to survive the crazy Canadian winters.

How do you survive the cold where you are?

The mug and candle holder are from Target, the socks from Bath and Body Works and the pillow from Carlton Cards. 

Courtney x


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