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Sweet Tooth Satisfaction | Decadent Desserts For The Food Conscious Gal with Dolled Up Desserts & Their GF Vegan Delights

Hey Beauties!

It wouldn’t truly be the holidays without peppermint hot chocolates, candy canes and gingerbread houses, would it? Those sweet treats filled with festive flavours really help the Christmas spirit surround you. So, you can imagine how heartbroken I was to think that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy those treats this year.

I’ve been completely committed to my gluten-free, vegan lifestyle for a few months now and I’ve discovered an entire new world along the way. My understanding of food, how it’s made, what it contains and how it effects my body has vastly expanded so missing out on certain foods has been a welcome loss.

Sadly, my sweet tooth has taken the biggest hit because I haven’t been able to find suitable replacements that not only taste good and conquer my cravings but that are easy to make and are not packed full of preservatives and additives.

Well my tooth is quickly on its way to recovery ever since the discovery of Dolled Up Desserts.

Dolled Up Desserts has suddenly become the new love of my life with their all-inclusive GF, vegan desserts. The local Hamilton based company was created by the beautiful Katarina Poletto who took her dietary sensitivities and turned them into a creative outlet where she could recreate her favourite desserts without all of the ingredients that didn’t agree with her body. She set out to reimagine the classic desserts and baked goods that she grew up with, but made with all-inclusive ingredients and recipes that are easy to follow.

She now sells her delicious desserts all over the GTA in countless coffee shops (Relay, Durand etc) as well as offering her premium baking mixes in speciality stores (Goodness Me, James North General Store, The Mustard Seed etc).

 Premium Baking Mixes

Dolled Up Desserts offers 6 different Premium Baking Mixes including ($12.50 ea) –

Bettie’s Brownies
Cloud Nine Vanilla Cake
Cocolicious Chocolate Cake
The Monroe Blondies
"12 Karat" Carrot Cake
Lady Banane Banana Muffins

Each mix comes with all of the basic dry ingredients that you need to create these yummy treats. They come in adorable (completely biodegradable) packaging with simple, easy to follow recipes on the back. They point out exactly how to achieve the perfect product and offer different options to complete the recipe and customize it to your cravings. The instructions are very well detailed but not at all over complicated, making them SO easy to understand and follow – even for the non-baker. The best bit of course is that every mix is made from locally sourced, organic ingredients and is free from gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and artificial colours or flavours.

For the holidays, Katarina has come out with a Holiday Baking Guide filled with an incredible array of recipes that touch on all of your holiday favourites like peppermint brownies! It’s the perfect guide to show how truly customizable the mixes are and how easy it is to use your imagination and create a masterpiece from a simple base.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out the Bettie’s Brownies mix and I incorporated my own ingredients and preferences to create my very own Chocolate Peppermint Bark Brownies. The baking process was a breeze! It was so easy to follow along and I felt like I really knew what I was doing. They baked quickly and evenly and the result was ooey, gooey, delicious, chocolately brownies that melted in my mouth and satisfied that sweet tooth.

I honestly don’t think my taste buds and my stomach have ever been happier all at once! It’s rare to find something that is good for your body but also tastes like heaven and Dolled Up Desserts has managed just that. 

If you are Canadian and you would like to give Dolled Up Desserts a try, head on over to my Instagram (@labellesirene_) to enter to win your very own Holiday Baking Kit complete with mix, guide and all of the fun ingredients to add in.

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