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Wedding Wednesday | DIY Vintage Inspired Deckled Edge Invitations

Wedding Wednesday | DIY Vintage Inspired Deckled Edge Invitations |

Hey Beauties! 

Happy Wedding Wednesday! The final countdown is on and we are just over two months away from our big day! It's time to sort out all of the little details and tie up all of the loose ends and it is hectic! 

Wedding planning is definitely not a walk in the park but it has been an incredible journey that has brought me closer to my fiance and closer to God. I have learned throughout this process that I truly need to trust and let God take the wheel out of my hands. He is faithful and He will carry us through to the end where we will commit ourselves to a new life serving each other and Him in marriage. 

Wedding Wednesday | DIY Vintage Inspired Deckled Edge Invitations |

 My lovely bridal party came together to help me DIY my dream invitations and I could not be happier with how they came out, so I knew I had to share them with you! 

I had a very distinct vision in mind for my invitations but it was surprisingly difficult to figure out how to achieve that vision without spending a ton of money. So I had to buckle down and figure out to do them myself. 

So this is how my vintage inspired deckled edge invitations came to life! 

Wedding Wednesday | DIY Vintage Inspired Deckled Edge Invitations |

Step 1. The Calligraphy - From fonts and illustrations to the overall design, invitations can be simple or they can be complicated but I wanted to words to do the talking. These invitations are all about the beautiful hand drawn calligraphy that my wonderful aunt gifted to us. She drew a number of samples by hand and then to save both time and money we took our favourite draft to a printer who copied it onto each invitation. 

My Tip - find a local calligrapher or someone who has incredible writing and get them to do a draft for you then copy it yourself. Don't pay for a full suite when you can print them for so much less. 

Step 2. The Paper - A vintage inspired invitation needs a paper that looks like it has been around for decades. You can purchase pre-made paper that comes fully weathered or you can create your own for a fraction of the price. 

My Tip - talk to a local print shop to see what paper they can provide that has a yellowed, weathered appearance but comes in mass produced quantities. A singular hand made paper from somewhere like Etsy will cost a lot more than a print shop staple. 

Step 3. The Customization - You can take just about any paper and alter it to appear more unique and that is just what I did. I saved money by using a standard sheet of yellowed card stock and creating my own DIY deckled edges. This tiny change completely transformed the invitations and this is how to do it!

DIY Deckled Edge Invitations

You will need 

- your printed invites 
- a ruler
- water
- a paint brush

1.  Print your announcement wording onto a sheet of card stock with crop marks for a 5″ x 7″ announcement. If you can’t print with crop marks, use a pencil and ruler to create crop marks.
2.  Dip the brush into water. Wipe off excess water on the rim of the glass. Wet the card stock in between 2 crop marks.
3.  Line up the ruler with those crop marks and hold the ruler down firmly with one hand. Pull up the corner with your other hand and continue tearing the sheet of card stock along the straight edge of the ruler. The moistened card stock tears unevenly giving it the appearance of a deckle edge. Repeat for the other three sides. 

4. The Finishing Touches - The basic structure of your invitation is now complete and it's time to really create your own unique suite with small details and touches. I chose to wrap each invite in a handmade silk ribbon from Tono & Co and a bit of faux greenery from a craft store. 

My Tip - find a way to communicate a little bit about you as a couple and your wedding through those touches. Use your wedding colours, a favourite flower, or even an initialled wax stamp. 

 After a little trial and error, my invitations came together a thousand times better than I could have ever imagined. They were incredibly easy to DIY and ended up costing me less than $100 for all of the supplies and printing. 

What do you envision for your invitations?

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Wedding Wednesday | DIY Vintage Inspired Deckled Edge Invitations |

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