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Beauty With An Edge | Urban Decay Flagship Store X Square One Grand Opening

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Hey Beauties! 

As you might know, when I really love a brand or a product, I become wholly committed to them. I will use that brand or product over and over again and I will find myself looking to collect every single product they release. 

Urban Decay is one of those very brands. Since the early days of their plumping lipglosses (I was obsessed!) to the original Naked palette and now to their gorgeous blushes, incredible concealers, and showstopping shadows, they really can do no wrong. 

Well, this past weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Grand Opening Celebration of their flagship retail store at Square One Shopping Center

Urban Decay is a brand that celebrates individuality and self-expression, they are all about letting your personality show and your creativity blossom using cosmetics as your medium. Their new store completely encapsulates this energy and their "beauty with an edge" mantra that is equal parts feminine, dangerous and fun!

The 1300 square foot space in unlike any other store you have ever seen, it truly is like walking directly into the heart and soul of Urban Decay. The bright purple walls, black accents, and chrome fixtures are vibrant and full of energy. There is a giant wall of sequins that reflect like the infamous Oil Slick lipstick and shadow and the store is filled with bits of UD inspiration and theming. The fixtures are larger than life, perfectly designed to showcase every single UD product you can imagine. 

This ultimate beauty hangout is so much more than just a store with 8 tricked out beauty stations, an interactive selfie station, and all of the makeup a girl could dream of. It is the perfect place to let you inner makeup junkie out to swatch and play to your heart's content. 

The Square One location carries every product on Urban Decay's roster including gift sets, travel sets, massive collectors sets and hard to find products that are sold out everywhere else. You can even find exclusive products, shades and lifestyle items that you can't get elsewhere! 

The Grand Opening event was like a magical, makeup wonderland! The store was filled with bloggers and makeup lovers alike who got the chance to play with all of UD's products, explore new techniques, get their makeup done and of course take plenty of pictures! 

There were creative drinks, yummy treats, a DJ and even a station where you could get your very own Naked eyeshadow palette customized by an incredible artist. 

I had an absolute blast learning more about Urban Decay and getting to play with their incredible products. While I loved Urban Decay before, my love and appreciation for their products and their vision as a brand has grown exponentially. 

A massive thank you to Urban Decay for inviting me to attend their Grand Opening, it truly is quite an incredible store. If you have the chance make sure to pop by Square One Shopping Center in Mississauga to see the new Urban Decay Flagship Store.  

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  1. Wow, it's like heaven in there! My daughter and I love Urban Decay, infant I just ordered a ton of their amazing products for Christmas for my girl! I bet she will be super happy!
    Great photos! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Sorry, that was supposed to mean "in fact" and not infant. Stupid typos! ;)

  2. What! this must've been so fun! I love urban decay and visiting flagship stores is always a little extra special imo!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  3. Love Urban Decay! I think my favorite is their smoky palette, I just picked it up a few months ago and I'm already obsessed with it!

    That grand opening looked like so much fun, and I'm glad you got to be apart of a brand you already love so much!

    xx, Jamie

  4. This event looks like so much fun! I am a huge fan of Urban Decay so I'm super jelly! Wish I could have been there :) xo, sharon

  5. Urban decay beauty products are amazing. I love all the shades and how nicely it applies.

  6. I love Urban Decay products. This event seriously looks like such a blast!

  7. Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands! All of your pictures look so pretty!!! I am jealous!!

  8. Urban Decay is my favoriteee <3!

  9. Urban Decay's store looks amazing! I have the Naked Basics palette and it's awesome!


  10. I loooove Urban Decay. Their eye primer is magic! I had no idea they were opening a store. How exciting!

  11. always wanted to get into Urban Decay (specifically the Naked palettes) but they're sooooo expensive :( def one of those brands that's a household name though, I agree!

  12. I"m obsessed with Urban Decay. This looks like a dream!

  13. I love Urban Decay! This looks like a fun store to go to!

  14. This is so neat! I am a loyal Urban Decay eyeshadow user, but I tried out one of their Vice lipsticks last week and I may have fallen in love with it!

    Molly | Hey There Sunshine

  15. What an amazing opportunity! I love Urban Decay and visiting the flagship store would be such a treat. So happy you were able to go and share it with us.
    xoxo, erin |

  16. Wow the party looks absolutely beautiful! Looks like a great time. I love Urban Decay!


  17. I love the Naked palate! Urban Decay is so great!!

  18. This sounds like so much fun1 I love their display! Their makeup is awesome and their packaging is always so cute!
    xo Jessica

  19. I love everything in this pile! LOL! I love Urban Decay!

  20. Urban Decay always has the best packaging!! Love love love!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  21. Omg! This is one of my favorite brands and being there was so much fun!

  22. It looks like heaven! All those colors! I'd be like a kid in a candy store :)

  23. I absolutely love Urban Decay! I use their original Naked Palette every day and love their mascara and lip glosses as well. Basically I love everything of theirs, haha! It looks like the grand opening was so much fun!


  24. I've been a loyal Urban Decay fan since high-school! Huge fan of their marketing, too! Something for everyone and the quality is amaze!


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