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Be Parisienne | Experience La Belle Vie Through Darphin Paris | New To Sephora | Review

Hey Beauties! 

Long time no talk! I have been away for far too long but sometimes family and life just needs to come first! The exciting thing is that while I was on my little break - I got engaged!!!! It was the most magical moment of my life and I couldn't be happier. Stay tuned for a full on wedding planning series! 

Now let's get back on track shall we? 

There are a few things in life that I firmly believe in - one is good skincare and another is all things French. It's pretty much a proven fact that everything that comes from France is pure perfection, especially skincare. The French hold themselves to such a high standard in design, creativity and substance that every product is created with only the best ingredients and formulas. 

I have long relied on French brands to keep my skin happy and healthy but there are very few options in the Canadian market so when Darphin Paris debuted in Sephora, I just about died of excitement.

Be Parisianne | Experience La Belle Vie Through Darphin Paris | New To Sephora | Review |

The Basics

Darphin Paris is an iconic French beauty brand that is known for blending science and nature to create innovative products through a unique Parisian pharmacy approach. Their products are based upon a collection of exclusive Essential Oil Elixirs and each product contains 80-100% natural ingredients. 

The History

Darphin Paris is a line named after it's namesake Pierre Darphin, a Parisian kinesiotherapist who founded the Darphin Institute in 1958, a pharmacy like clinic that quickly became the go-to place for Parisian women to treat themselves to luxury skincare as well as Darphin's exclusive massage based facials. 

Mr. Darphin discovered the magic that lies within botanical ingredients and the endless possibilities that come from mixing those ingredients with scientific techniques. He developed a collection of Essential Oil Elixirs by extracting the rare essences of plants, spices, flowers and fruits to create a highly targeted and concentrated formula that addresses the specific needs of every individual skin type.

 These oils are considered the French secret to beautiful skin and now they are available to the North American market! Sephora now carries an edited range featuring the best of the best and I was sent 4 of those products to test out and share with you!

Be Parisianne | Experience La Belle Vie Through Darphin Paris | New To Sephora | Review |

Starting with one of Darphin's Essential Oil Elixirs, created from a range of precious botanicals (chamomile, tangerine, rose, jasmine, orange blossom and niaouli) that are designed to deliver a variety of unique benefits that energize, calm, purify, revitalize and renew youth. 

The Jasmine Aromatic Care Elixir comes in a luxurious glass bottle and retails for $147 CAD for 0.5 oz. It is a concentrated blend of pure aromatic jasmine, apple, date extract, ylang ylang, rosewood and raspberry oils that helps to restore natural radiance to dull skin while toning and giving rejuvenated clarity. It also helps to build up the skin's natural defense against pollution and free radicals. 

It is a very high quality elixir with a thin , lightweight feel that blends into the skin and absorbs in seconds. It does not feel overly oily and there is so residue left behind. 

 The Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water retails for $42 CAD for 6.7 fl oz. It is a gentle all in one cleanser that can be used alone or in combination with other products. It helps to lift away impurities, remove makeup and dissolve dirt while leaving skin toned and softened. The ingredients, including Neroli Oil, help to refresh and revitalize skin while providing comfort against a day full or makeup and irritating pollutants. 

As a micellar water, it is a no-rinse cleanser that can be used on the face, eyes or lips. It is non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin. 

Be Parisianne | Experience La Belle Vie Through Darphin Paris | New To Sephora | Review |

The Hydraskin Light - All Day Hydrating Skin Gel Cream retails for $75 CAD for 1.7 oz. It is a featherweight gel cream that instantly quenches dry skin, restoring essential moisture and providing all day hydration. It uses hyaluronic acid, salicornia herbacia and butterfly lavender to skin deep down and fulfil the basic needs of your skin while leaving it soft, supple and glowing. 

It is a very lightweight cream with a gel texture and a slight cooling sensation. It soaks in immediately and really does hydrate deep down. It is best suited for normal to combination skin. 

The Redness Relief Soothing Serum retails for $145 CAD for 1.7 oz. It is a high potency soothing serum for sensitive, irritated skin. It uses a proprietary Calm Complex of chamomile, hawthorn, peony and glycosaminoglycans to instantly quiet irritation, reduce the appearance of redness and sooth for a softer, more even looking complexion. It is great for rosacea or chronic discolouration. 

All of the products I tried from Darphin Paris are absolutely incredible. You can truly feel the quality and the care to detail that is put into the everything from the formula, to the scent and the packaging. Every piece has an incredibly luxurious feel to it that translates from the bottle to your skin. They all feel glorious to apply and wear and they have had a fantastic impact on my skin. 

I could not recommend Darphin Paris enough and I cannot stress how important it is to spend on skincare. A great base will make a world of difference to how your makeup applies and wears so put your skin first and check out a more luxury brand like Darphin Paris. 

Darphin Paris is now available at Sephora

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  1. These look heavenly! I am all about a good skin care routine.

    xoxo, Jenny

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  8. I guess this is a Canada-only launch, because I couldn't find Darphin on the US Sephora. Too bad, it's a brand I really love!

  9. You always have the most amazing product reviews and photos! It always leaves me dying to try the products!

    xo Ashley

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  22. French beauty and skincare products are always wonderful. So excited to check out this line!

  23. These sound amazing. I love that they are made with 80-100% natural ingredients!

    Congrats on your engagement! Sometimes life and family really do come first. Something I have been struggling with this year and my blog has taken a back seat. Things are turning around and I am so excited to spend more time blogging.

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  26. Your pictures look amazing! I have so much redness in my face because of my annoying rosacea so I feel like that product would be amazing. It' so hard to find products that aren't just green, and instead work on the underlying problems.

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  27. Congrats on your engagement. I love that these are very natural products.


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