Friday, 31 October 2014

New In | Almay Makeup Remover Sticks

Hey Beauties!

Today, I wanted to share one of my new must haves for when I'm applying my makeup. Beauty is naturally a messy hobby, powders fly everywhere, lipstick smudges and foundation stains so I am constantly cleaning up little spills and carrying around a million q-tips. Just a few weeks ago I was using makeup wipes (specific to sensitive eyes) to remove tiny little smudges of eyeliner and it was getting quite frustrating so of course I turned to the Internet to find an easier solution. I stumbled across a mention of the Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks and ran right out to buy them. Let's just say I have found a new addiction.

Almay is known for their "good for you" cosmetics, being the very first hypoallergenic brand that is completely suitable for sensitive skin. They are committed to making their products safe for all skin types and allergies. They are all 100% fragrance free and safe for people who wear contact lenses because they are incredibly stringent on the ingredients they allow in their products. For those reasons, I was completely confident that I could feel safe putting this product by my incredibly sensitive eyes. 

These handy little sticks look just like any other q-tip but in reality they are very different. These sticks are actually hollow and filled with oil-free makeup remover! They're incredibly easy to use, just snap off the tip with the purple line and give it a little shake. The liquid will flow down to the remaining tip and it will become fully saturated. Then just swipe the tip along any smudges or mistakes that you want to remove. These little guys are pretty powerful and will remove the most stubborn of makeup, so use a light hand and be prepared to repair your eyeshadow underneath. 

The Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks come in a nice plastic case that is perfect for throwing in your bag and each pack comes with 24 sticks. They have no fragrance and I have not experienced any sort of irritation and the best bit is they only cost $6.99! 

My makeup routine has been forever changed now that I have these magical little sticks in my life. If you are having any trouble with smudging or eyeliner mistakes then I highly recommend you give these a try!


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Home Highlights

Hey Beauties!

My home is a very personal space for me, it is my salvation, my office, my sick bed and my inspiration. I spend an immense amount of time in my little slice of a Victorian house and it so incredibly important to me that it be reflective of who I am, my design aesthetic, my family history and my life with my boyfriend. Up until now, I have kept my home mostly private but I've had quite a few requests for a home tour so while I am not ready to share the whole shebang, I thought I would give you a sneak peak. I've compiled photos of a few of my favourite spots in my home, starting with the open living/dining room, then going into the bedroom and office.

My living room is very eclectic but also very homey and cozy. It has a massive fireplace with a beautiful carved wood mantel and I have included a lot of vintage furniture handed down from my family. I have a massive collection of old black and white photos from my grandparents that I like to display. It is very important to me to remember and have a connection to the people that came before me. My living and dining room has a neutral palette with plenty of grey and white that I like to balance with bright coloured flowers and textured pillows.

Now, my bedroom is very cozy but simple and it is full of my handbags, shoes and clothing. It is also home to quite a few Disney characters and a beautiful Disney painting my boyfriend had done for me (which unfortunately photographs terribly). 

Now, my office is my place for inspiration and it also holds my makeup collection. If you want to see more of my office, check out this post from when I first renovated that room. 

So there were a few highlights of my home and I hope you enjoyed. What does your home look like?


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Polished - After Hours with L'oreal

Hey lovelies! Today I am guest posting over on the amazing Swatch & Review while Julie is having the best time mingling with the koalas in Australia! It would be so wonderful if you would head over there and check out my post on one of my favourite L'oreal polishes! 

Have an amazing day! 


Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumnal Lip and Tips | Tips

One of absolute favourite things about Autumn is the chance to be able to play with different shades of nail polish that are not so appropriate for the rest of the year. I love a good deep, vampy burgandy or purple and there is nothing that can make you feel sexier than a bright red nail. On the other side of the spectrum I can never get enough of wearing a gorgeous nude with a hint of grey or brown. I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite autumn nail polishes that I think every girl should have in her collection!

Essie Bahama Mama – A classic that is famous for its gorgeous deep berry colour with a hint of purple!

Essie Master Plan – One of my absolute favourites, a nice cool toned nude with a bit of a grey tone that makes your nails look effortlessly chic.

Essie Mochachino – Another beautiful nude that actually has hints of brown and purple and a bit of subtle shimmer that gives your hands a warm glow.

Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice – Now, this polish is a stunner! A rich burgundy base with orange, gold and red shimmer that sparkles on the nails. This polish feels like fall in a bottle.

Covergirl Wine Not РA stunning deep oxblood cr̬me in one of my all time favourite formula's. This is a statement maker.

What shades are you wearing for autumn? In addition to these beautiful shades, I am also loving navy nails for fall so to see my top picks for a navy nail check out this post!


Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Sunday Post

Happy Sunday Lovelies! Long time no Sunday post but this week I am back! This past Wednesday was my 4th anniversary with my amazing boyfriend Shayne and of course, it was very exciting for me. We are both incredibly busy people and we have a very special relationship so it's really nice to get a chance to celebrate that. We ended up going out for Italian which is my favourite type of food. We like to give each other random "I love you" gifts all year long but we do still like to exchange on special occasions. I gave Shayne a mixture of smaller gifts including a Jenga set that we definitely broke in right away and he may have given me the most exciting present ever, a beautiful Michael Kors bag that you will see soon! Of course, my cat Chloe couldn't care less she just wanted to play in the packaging! 

I hope you had a great week too!


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Style Saturday | Elegance in Black

I have to say, this is one of my new favourite outfits! I recently found this textured midi skirt at H&M and fell in love! It is actually quite difficult to find a skirt in a midi length that doesn't swamp my 5ft 3 height but this gem is actually perfect. The second I got this skirt home I started to create a million different outfits and combinations to get the most out of my new favourite find. For this first look, I decided to keep it simple but chic, something I would wear for a night out or an event. I paired it with a little lace camisole and of course my trusty leather jacket. I really loved mixing all of the textures and creating a dynamic outfit. 

Skirt - H&M | Camisole - Forever 21(Love this one too!) | Jacket -Dynamite (Similar) | Shoes - Sirens | Clutch - Forever 21 (Similar)


Friday, 24 October 2014

Demi Lovato and My Story

So this post is a bit of a special one, if you follow me on any social media you may know that on Monday night I had the amazing opportunity to see Demi Lovato live in concert. I was lucky enough to win a contest on the beautiful Ande's blog The Beauty Blog to not only attend the concert but to meet Demi herself. This tour is sponsored by Tampax and is all about #BeRadiant, which in a sense means to embrace your self worth and inner beauty and let your radiance shine through in your confidence and what you wear. It is all about being individual and celebrating that individuality. I was really happy to find out that Tampax was sponsoring the tour because that message is something I truly believe in and that leads me to my next point. I don't want this post to be the typical "this is what I did" sort of thing, I try to be really truly genuine and honest on my blog every single day and today is no different so I am going to be real with you and tell you my story. The story that will help you understand why this was more than just a concert to me, this was the absolute best night of my life and a night I will never forget.

Now my story is not the happiest or the easiest to swallow, so please if you are sensitive, don't read this but it is important to me that I am honest and that my readers can relate to the real person behind the blog. I am not perfect, I don't always wear makeup and I don't always have a smile on my face. I have insecurities and bad days just like you but I am thankful for what I have and where I am today. From a really young age (about 8) I was overwhelmed by insecurities, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and very much afraid of the world. This anxiety made me very scared of other people and socialization which in turn led to bullying. Years of bullying eventually led me down the dark path of depression and ultimately anorexia. I struggled with anorexia from the age of 10 to 21, bouncing from one treatment to the next and plying my depression with other forms of self harm. From the very beginning, one of the only things that offered me any sort of comfort was music and Demi was one person who really spoke to me for reasons I still don't understand. Music was the only thing that seemed to calm my anxiety and give me piece of mind while my life was out of control. Unfortunately music couldn't fight the shame and self-hate that I was dealing with. I was in my 4th attempt at treatment when Demi released Skyscraper and for some reason everything changed. Her words spoke to me at a level that other music hadn't been able to, it gave me hope and made me realize I wasn't alone and for the first time in years I actually cared about living. Skyscaper was my turning point and from that point on I was on the road to recovery with Demi's music in my pocket. Now a few years later, I am living a happy and healthy life that I didn't think was possible. I still have my days but overall I am a new woman and in my mind, I have Demi to thank for that. So to have the opportunity to thank her in person was my dream come true. I can now confidently say that I am a warrior and a survivor and I will never take a day for granted ever again. If you are struggling with any sort of mental health please seek treatment, it may not seem like its working and it may take a few tries but you will succeed and you will survive. Now that I am done sharing, I hope you enjoy the few photos I took and remember to stay strong.

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