Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Sunday Post

This week has been a bit difficult for me, I've been feeling very sick and have spent the majority of time resting. To help with my "me" time, I started burning one of my fall candles and it smells amazing!

Of course, my three cats have been a major part of my relaxation. Two of them just want to cuddle but Chloe just wants to cause trouble. This shot happened when I was trying to photograph my candle.

My amazing friend Heather came over to spend some time with me and brought along some ridiculously delicious chocolate treats. 

Finally feeling better, I went out on Saturday morning to have a coffee date/meeting with the beautiful Michelle from TeachinFashion

How was your week?



  1. Oh, hello kitty! Such a cute shot. And I'm a sucker for anything spicy or pumpkin scented this time of year :)


    1. Oh me too, I may have a stash of fall themed candles just waiting to be burnt.

  2. How cute is your little cat - that's such a cute shot haha! Oh my the coffee and chocolate… things! :)

    Layla xx

  3. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Hope you're feeling better!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over


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