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CBB Guest Post | Essence Dark Romance Collection

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 collection review

Hi everyone! It's me Julie from Swatch and Review and am so excited to be guest posting today on Courtney's blog, and did you know she is the Canadian Beauty Bloggers blog of the month?

The theme for September is Fall beauty. So naturally I wanted to provide some swatches and a review of one of my fave brands, essence Cosmetics! Every month or so, this brand releases what they call Trend Editions. For Fall, they have put out some real eye-catching shades in the Dark Romance collection, which is what I am sharing with you today.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 quattro eyeshadow palette a romance to remember
Quattro Eyeshadow Palette in A ROMANCE TO REMEMBER - These four shades work really well together! The purple is a matte (although it looks metallic in this pic) as is the taupe. The silver and green are metallics that are buttery and soft.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 quattro eyeshadow palette a romance to remember swatches
Swatched, medium density. These all have great pigment pay-off except maybe the purple which was a little bit patchy. I think the green shade is my favourite.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 quattro eyeshadow palette a romance to remember look 1
The eye look I created has the purple on the lid, green in the outer corner of the lid and the silver blended from the outer V into the crease. I used the taupe to blend and soften out from the crease up to the browbone. Under my brow and in the inner corner, I used a bit of the cream highlight (stay tuned for more on that one).

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 velvet mousse blush painted love
Velvet Mousse Blush in PAINTED LOVE - A bright red cheek stain that has a bouncy, soft mousse texture.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 cream highlighter light up
Cream Highlighter in LIGHT UP - A vanilla cream highlighter that reflects pink in some lights!

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 blush highlighter swatches
The blush texture was a bit odd to be, but I like it. It can be hard to even out if using your finger so I suggest using a stippling brush. As for the highlighter, it is GORGEOUS. It can be a bit slippery on non-primed skin so make sure to set it or wear primer.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 look 2
I applied a small amount of the blush on the apples of my cheeks and blended out. The highlighter is on the top of my cheekbones, the tearduct and under my brow arch.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 red romance lipstick
Lipstick in RED ROMANCE - A dark vampy berry satin lipstick that is creamy and hydrating.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 black shadow lipgloss effects
Lipgloss Effects in BLACK SHADOW - Grey lipgloss with multi-chrome shimmer. It is supposed to be worn over lipstick to darken and add sparkle. I believe they released something similar previously in the Twilight collection.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 lipstick lipgloss effects swatches
Lipstick swatched 3x with gloss over top to show effect.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 lipstick lipgloss effects swatches look
The lipstick was very smooth and creamy, it glided on and didn't feather at all. I applied a dab of the lipgloss effect to the centre of my lips to add depth.

essence Dark Romance fall 2014 look 1
The finished look! essence really did their homework on this. The shades really go well together and the products, despite their drugstore price tag, are really high quality!

I predict dark jewel-toned eye looks and rosy cheeks this season, what are your Fall beauty predictions?



  1. Looks like a great collection! I adore essence's highlighters and, well, pretty much everything they come out with. I need to get my hands on this!!

    1. So do I! I want to run right out and get the blush!

    2. I am an essence addict too. I am so glad we got this collection in Canada. But if you saw all the ones we DIDN'T get... oh man.

  2. ahh i love this collection and the final look is very glam on julie!

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely! I'm so envious of her talent!

    2. My trick is Almay makeup remover sticks!

  4. OMG the pics are so big! lol Thanks for having me :)

    1. haha I like them big. THANK YOU for guest posting, it is such an honour!

  5. Wow, very pretty! Loving the rich, vampy shades and the texture of the blush looks so neat :)


  6. Wow, the quad looks stunning. I love the look you came up with!


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