A Latte Date at Cafe Oranje - La Belle Sirene

A Latte Date at Cafe Oranje

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn signals the arrival of cold winds and darker days and all I want to do on those days is cuddle up with a nice big cup of coffee, tea or even hot chocolate. While sitting at home with a fluffy blanket and my little monsters is one of my favourite things to do sometimes I want to go out and enjoy my warm drink with some atmosphere and a friend or two. I recently discovered an amazing little dutch coffee shop called Cafe Oranje that is just around the corner from my house and it is the perfect place to do just that. My good friend Heather and I stopped by last week and took some photos of our experience. 

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  1. This place looks lovely - the decor is awesome. It's not too far from me so I may go check it out. x

    1. Oh you should definitely stop by! The have amazing treats from Cake and Loaf!

  2. Love your photos Courtney & your hair!!! Beautiful cafe :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  3. I saw you there! I was too nervous to introduce myself because you looked so fab and I was feeling under the weather :( I hope I run into you again sometime and I will actually say hello!

    1. Oh! Don't be nervous, I promise I'm really nice! Please say hi next time!!


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