Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Happy Little Find

I recently stumbled across a little shop called Accoutrements and I fell in love with their aesthetic. They carry a multitude of items but primarily they feature French inspired home goods and I love anything Parisian. My kitchen is entirely french themed and I am always looking to add to my collection. There is something so chic and sophisticated about French design and culture that really appeals to me and always has. I have a small Eiffel tower figure that my grandmother bought on a trip to Paris in the 50's. She gave it to me when I was a child and I have kept it close since. I think it was that little tower that started my love for anything Parisian, oh that and the Phantom of the Opera. On my latest visit, I picked up this stunning little piece, it is a sort of glass bowl with an intricate metal lid. I fell in love with it at first sight, and knew it would be amazing on my coffee table, it fits in perfectly with the vintage feel throughout my home. I am so incredibly happy that I found this beautiful little piece and this amazing shop. 

Do you like to collect housewares?



  1. Really cute! It reminds me of something one of my aunts had, but hers was for pot-pourri. I love homeware, probably a tad too much since I don't have my own place.


    1. I've always had an obsession, even before I had my own place I would "collect" things for later.

    But fo'reals, that metal lid + glass bowl is beyond beautiful. I expect to see it in the background of every shot from now on ;) (jks)

    1. Oh god, my house is not ready for a tour, just little bits of it are nice.


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