Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara | The Review

Revlon is my absolute favourite drugstore brand and every time they release a new product I get little butterflies of excitement in my stomach. There was no exception when it came to their brand new mascara, the Bold Lacquer Length & Volume Mascara by Grow Luscious. The moment I saw the display in my local Rexall, i skipped right over and snatched up a tube. 

The Revlon Bold Lacquer mascara is an innovation in the world of natural-look mascaras. Available in 3 shades(Blackest Black, Black and Blackened Brown) and a waterproof version, it contains a lacquer film technology that combines two different polymers that help to bond the mascara to the base of the lashes while stretching it out to the ends for incredible length and volume. The formula also contains intense colour pigments to create a bold, deep layer of black and lengthening fibres to make the most out of your natural lashes.

The Lash Stretch brush is also an innovation with it's ability to deliver both amazing length and volume with no clumping or smudging whatsoever. The brush is quite small with tightly packed but fluffy bristles that when wiggled at the root, create a lot of volume, separate and give your lashes a fluttery sort of look. It glides easily through your lashes, coating each lash evenly and delivering the perfect amount of product.

 The finished look is very natural and lightweight while still delivering quite the impact. It was definitely love at first swipe with this mascara because it went on so smoothly and exceeded all of my expectations. I have been wearing it daily and I can confidently say it is my new day to day mascara. It lasts all day, doesn't transfer or smudge and is easy to remove. A winner all round. 

If you are in the market for a new mascara, I highly recommend you check out the new Revlon Bold Lacquer Length and Volume Mascara. 



  1. Glad you're liking this- it really makes your lashes look lovely! Revlon is my favourite drugstore brand too :)


  2. Nice to hear you like this! I need to try more revlon, unlike you I have barley anything from them! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. You definitely need to try more! They have some amazing products!

  3. It looks great on you! Revlon is such a great brand, I like most of their product and this mascara looks like a winner too!

    1. Thank you lady! It really is, you should try it!


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