Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hamilton Fashion Week - Hair & Makeup Expo

Last night was a very exciting night in Hamilton and a big success for Hamilton Fashion Week. Hair and Makeup Artists from all over Hamilton gathered together (and stuck it out through the rain) to show off their talents in a competition of creativity and time management. It was truly amazing to see artists at work and to learn from their techniques!

While the contestants were busy creating their masterpieces, there were makeup artists on hand to give complimentary makeovers and lessons on the newest trends. As well as the amazing Gelato Spot food truck to ply us with some seriously delicious treats! ( A big thank you to Oreste who made me a very happy girl with my chocolate and raspberry concoction!) 

 There were quite a few incredibly fashionable people in attendance and I spotted some stunning style choices with shoes, nails and accessories! I fell completely in love with those bow nails on the lovely Ms. Noble.

At the end of the competition there were some seriously awe-inspiring creations. I may claim to know a little something about makeup but it is mind blowing to see what some talented people can do. Among the amazing looks were an X-men inspired Mutant, a Frozen Snowflake, a Modern Baroque Marie Antoinette, and a Peacock inspired eye.

The competition was fierce and I don't envy the judges for making that tough decision but at the end of the night there had to be a winner. For the hair design portion, the winner was the amazing Modern Baroque Marie Antoinette and for the makeup it was the stunning Frozen Snowflake. Every single contestant did an amazing job and should be so proud of their work, it was so inspiring to witness the works in progress! 

It truly was an awesome night and I'm glad I stayed through the rain to see the final result. A big thank you to the lovely Ashley and the Hamilton Fashion Week committee ( minus Mathieu and Setenio) for having me. I can't wait to see what you have in store for these next few nights! 



  1. Wow you had a great time! The makeups are amazing! I'm not a big fan of ice cream but I love gelato!

    1. Gelato is so amazing isnt it!? I wish i had some right now :)

  2. This all looks so amazing, love the makeup! Glad you had a great time babe


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