Tuesday, 20 May 2014

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As a true fashionista at heart, I always want to be stylish and I may have a slight obsession with workout gear. Maybe "shopaholic" would better describe this obsession rather than using fashion as an excuse haha! I like to think I justify these purchases since I usually workout about 5 times a week.

Usually I don't opt for shorts at the gym, however on this occasion I was hitting one of my favourite trails for a run!

My shirt is from Forever 21, I love the soft fabric which keeps me cool and of course, the crisscross detailing. Forever 21 has a wide variety of activewear available in stores now, which is always great.  A girl can never forget a good sports bra, this is just a generic grey crisscross style.

As for my floral shorts, they are the Tracker Short II from Lululemon. I could honestly not resist picking these up, they were the last pair!! For me, Lululemon is one of the most dangerous stores for me to enter, I almost never leave empty handed. If you're patient, you can find some good deals in their sale section.

I love how the shorts have a built in liner, keeping everything in place. The zipper pocket is a must for me whenever I'm driving to a trail!

Where do you shop for your workout gear?

- Monique xo



  1. Love your shorts!! I've gotten my running gear from H&M, they've got nice bright stuff in and not too expensive too! I've also seen that Primark has a section with gym clothes, unfortunately everything I like is sold out in size 8 :(

    Check out my blog :) x

    1. Thanks Sara!

      Oooh I should definitrly check out H&M, I've never really looked for active wear there!

      Ugh all the popular sizes always sell out, it's the worst lol.

  2. so pretty! i always tell myself i'm going to work out and then i never do. maybe some nice clothes would help me get motivated haha!


    1. Thank you Becky!

      Haha the hardest part is getting into the routine and then it is smooth sailing from there. But the workout clothes always keep me motivated :), I love having a variety of options

  3. I'm currently training myself to run for Race for Life and I know I always wanna run more if I'm wearing nice fitness clothes! So I totally get this!

    Also, those shorts are to die for.

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  4. Hey Charli,

    Wow good for you, that's so exciting! I'm glad you and I share this crazy obsession!

  5. These shorts are seriously the cutest! I never go to Lululemon because I find everything is a bit too expensive for me, and I seriously do not have any will power, and would buy everything in site! Eventually though I would like to buy a pair of their leggings because I hear they are most comfortable!

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle


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