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The Sunday Recap

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cat assistants | orchid nails |new ipad! | tea time | sephora haulin

It's the first week of spring and it been pretty miserable, the sun has not come out once! Everyday I've woken up to grey gloomy skies and I have no motivation to do anything. But maybe the weather is good for me because I have been pumping out the posts. Well, in written form anyway. The lack of sunshine does not make for good photos. I'm feeling really accomplished and that is a great feeling.

Tea of the Week: Yogi's Women's Raspberry Leaf for semi-obvious reasons and it tastes amazing.

Candle of the Week: Bath and Body Work's Gelato - seriously amazing smells like raspberries and reminds me of Italy.

Product of the Week: L'oreal's nail polish in Butterfly Kisses (pic above). This colour has taken over my life, it is so incredibly gorgeous that I never want to take it off.

Blog Posts of the Week: 

Alexandra's post on Blogger things that you don't need to do.

Rebecca's post on showing another side of her life, her illness and her future goals.

Video of the Week: Casey Holme's video on product she has used up. I really trust her opinion so I love to see what she has used up and if she recommends it.

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  1. I nominated you for The Liebster Award.
    Check it out on my blog here :

    I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did :)

    Ashleigh x


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