Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Sunday Recap

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This week has been pretty crazy, it started out feeling a little bit like spring and then two days laters we had a day-long blizzard that just covered the city in feet of snow. Now we have a cold alert for the next couple days. I honestly don't think Spring is coming any time soon. It just so happened that right in the middle of that blizzard I had to drive my cat to the local SPCA to get spayed and i've spent the last couple of days looking after her. My mum and I went out to look at venues for her wedding and ended up finding the perfect place - an old historic mill that is absolutely gorgeous! To top it all off, I got my order of Kate Spade Notebooks (Post coming soon!) and my lovely boyfriend spoiled me with a little trip to Sephora!

Tea of the Week: Good ol' orange pekoe. I've been loving the simplicity of a warm cup of my original favourite.

Product of the Week: Origin's Super Spot Remover. I've been breaking out a bit (I think it was from Hydrluron) so i've been loving my go-to spot treatment.

Currently Coveting: The Maybelline spring line of products. I've been seeing them on American blogs for awhile but have yet to find anything here. I am dying for some of the new colour tattoos and elixirs.

Blog Post of the Week: I have more than one post this week so I'll just list them below

5 Things - Keeping Blog Content Fresh by Kate from Ghost Parties.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipsticks Review by Becky from Lipgloss and Lashes

Kate Spade Polka Dot Agenda by Abby from Un-observed

NYX HD Concealer Review by the lovlies at the Pale Side of Beauty

Video of the Week: I have never seen a more adorable child than Alaina or Buggy from the Carah's Life Vlogs. I will admit that I have watched every single one and I just can't get enough of the cutie so when I saw her mom Carah's new video I just about died.



  1. Oh God the snow this week! Eek! And now here is the wind. I saw the Maybelline kohl on tv, the colours look nice, but haven't seen them in store yet.

    1. wasn't it so depressing?! neither have I, we are so far behind everyone in the US.


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