Saturday, 29 March 2014

Style Saturday | The Spring Edit

When Spring rolls around - or any season for that matter - I like to change up my surroundings. One of my favourite ways to do that is to switch out the items on my clothing rack. I went on a massive hunt for this baby a few years ago and it still one of my favourite purchases. It is the PORTIS clothes rack from Ikea and it is $49.99. I love the vintage feel of the iron, the hooks on each side and the shoe board - they all help keep me organized. It was the most appealing clothing rack that I could find that was good quality and sturdy. 

Every season I like to switch out the items that live on the rack because it is just as much a piece of decoration as it is a piece of functional furniture. I tend to lay out all of my clothes on my bed and then edit my choices, then once I know what I want to go onto the rack, I play with the order and placement. I spent years working in retail and it has made me really picky about how my clothes appear on a rack. I follow the rules I was taught at work about colour, pattern and style distribution and I even space my hangers evenly. It's incredibly OCD but I just can't kick the retail mindset. 



The order on the rack will pretty much stay the same all season unless I make any new purchases then I will adjust. As crazy as it is to have such a system for something so trivial, it makes me happy to see all of my pieces out and I find it much easier to create outfits in the morning. 

Do you use a spring cleaning edit for your wardrobe? 



  1. I'd really like to find a clothes rack that I like. Yours seems nice! Iknow what you mean about the retails aspect. I, myself, cannot reproduce it at home, because all the pieces are different!

    1. it just sticks in your mind doesn't it? I worked in a boutique for a long time so im pretty good at working with one of a kind pieces on a rack.

  2. Hi! I'm considering purchasing this rack but curious about how it has held up for you. Would you recommend it?

    1. Hi! It has been amazing! I've had it for over 5 years and it is still as good as as new. I would highly recommend it!

    2. Thanks so much for your help!


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